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Vienna Soccer Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1928

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Vienna Soccer Club, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 1928

First row (sitting, left ot right): Koller, Raden, Gundl, Muller, Walter Baade (HOF 1984)

Second row (standing, left to right): John Loebl, manager, Elias, Smith, Lange, Henry Karcher (HOF 1977), Baumgarten, Klas

Two not shown: Towhill and Gill

The following was written in 1924 about the team: "This club was organized in 1923 for the purposes of encouraging soccer amoungst foreigners who played the sport in their old country. The club maintains teams in the city as well as in the State League. It always had one of the foremost players on their teams and in 1924, played with the Sons of St. George team, a tie for first place, which has never been played off. It has its own playing field, fenced all around and furnishes many games with out-of-town teams. It also maintains its own club-headquarters. Their following consists mostly of Austrians."

If you have any of the first names of any of the players, please let us know!

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