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Serbian Soccer Club Milwaukee - 1985-1986

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Serbian Soccer Club Milwaukee - 1985-1986

They were the Wisconsin champions, 1986.

Back row (L-R): Ljubisa Vasilic (Caoch, HOF 1995), Peter Knezic (Captian, HOF 2008), S. Mott, G. Tirnanic, J. Slawson, T. Cominsky, Boro Sucevic (HOF 2010), W. Tyshynsky

Front row (L-R): D. D'Amato, R. Latinovic (HOF 2008), M. Tarczewske, G. Knezic, A. Smith, J. Trask, T. Akiwowo (HOF 1997), Tomo Tomasevic (President, HOF 1995)

Not Pictured: N. Rankovic, G. Zeidler

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