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Croation Eagles SC - 1963

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Croation Eagles SC - 1963

Pictures was taken in front of the old Milwaukee Brewers club house located on 60th and Good Hope. It was torn down and a housing sub division exists today.

L-R: Ivo Jugovic (HOF 1991), M. Sola, P. Lukin, T. Juretic, J. Tadijanovic, Aldo Santaga (HOF 1989), Victor Zorc (HOF 1994), Tony Franjic (HOF 1988), Boris Kuzmanovic (HOF 1995), Zdravko Novak (HOF 1993), M. Balasz, Zdravko Ropac (HOF 1996), J. Heinzmann, and Z. Monsider

If anyone knows anymore about the team or players, please let us know!

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