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New Soccer Champion of the Wis. State League. Hipp-Hipp Huray - 1969

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Victorios Polonias - The satisfaction of victory shows on the faces of Polonia team members after they defeated the Old Milwaukee Brewers 2-1, in two overtimes periods for the Major Division championship in Wisconsin State Soccer league.

L-R, bottom row: Santos Falcon (Trainer & Masseur), Stan Schmidt (Captain - HOF 1993), Dae Shawl (director of Public Relations for Jos. Schlitz Brewing Company), Stanley Fronczak, John Bocwinski (HOF 1987), Mario Carini (HOF 1991), Ramiro Alvarez

L-R, top row: George Forzpanczik (HOF 1997), Roman Czesko, Carlos Alvarez (HOF 1995), Tony Fronczak, Ted Klos, Andy Krupa (HOF 1997), Felipo, Walter Berko, (Manager).

L-R, very back row: Richard Majczina and Sylwester Pietczak

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