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  Newsletter - October 24, 2008  
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Kohler Soccer Team in 1926.
German Day in Chicago July 7, 1937.


Match-Point Soccer Scoring Systems introduces a new soccer product

Match Point, a 35-year-old Wisconsin manufacturer of tennis accessories has introduced the new Small Soccer Scoring System that make soccer score displays quick and easy.

The small soccer-scoring system consisting of two sets of 4" x 8" plastic flip cards, one in red and the other in black. The cards show the score from zero to nine on both sides.

Goal! comes with an aluminum crossbar and "Home" and "Away" labeled identification cards. An aluminum rod -- 24" high and 3/8" in diameter - supports the cards. The rod is easily inserted into the ground. It's designed for U-6 to U-12 games, and keeps parents and players informed at a glance.

Scores are easily updated by the assistant referee, ball boy or girl, or a parent. This unit is designed for larger playing fields, such as those used by adults or JV and varsity high school teams.

The Small Soccer Scoring System can be ordered at Match Point through phone, mail or website. For further details, call 800-670-4964 or check our Website, www.Match-Point.biz

2009 Wisconsin Soccer Coaches Association (WSCA) Hall Of Fame

The Wisconsin Soccer Coaches Association (WSCA) is an Wisconsin High School Soccer Coaches organization.Besides education, the WSCA, and it's members, are responsible for supervising the team state rankings, awarding all-state player rankings, and organizing of the all-star games. Consultations with state officials, and coach advocacy with the WIAA.

They are having there first Hall of Fame banquet on February 21, 2009 tentatively set for Pius High School. The following members are going in this year:

Tony Ansem, 1988 Wisconsin Soccer Association HOF Inductee
Dan Harris, 1997 Wisconsin Soccer Association HOF Inductee
Willi Wessels, 1991 Wisconsin Soccer Association HOF Inductee
Richard Williams, 1992 Wisconsin Soccer Association HOF Inductee

Congratulation to the 2009 inductees!

We will update you on the banquet as more information come available.

For more information or sponsoring the banquet, contact Dan Brown.


TopSoccer Winter Fest will be held at:

Catholic Memorial High School
601 E College Ave Waukesha, WI 53186

on February 21, 2009. For more information, please contact please contact John Janasik at 414-545-7447 or email hime at: jjanasik@execpc.com

Support TOPSoccer Today!

Support them easily by:

1. Sign-up for Pick'n Save "We Care" Program.
2. Identify TOPSoccer, #835075, as one of the recipients of your contribution (If you don't have the number, they have a book there with all the numbers. Also, Pick'n Save allows up to three groups to benefit from your spending!
3. Shop at any Pick'n Save location.

Contact John Janasik at 414.545.0069 or go to www.wisconsinsoccer.org.

A couple pictures are below, the rest are here.

Soccer Trivia

What did Henry Kissinger show President Richard Nixon in September 1970 that nearly caused another Cuban Missile Crisis?

Spotlight on 2008 Wisconsin Soccer Association Hall of Fame Inductee: Fritz Weiler

Fritz Weiler - Player Category
He currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with his wife Marise. Mr. Weiler was born in Ubstadt, Germany in 1950 where he played youth soccer with F.V. Ubstadt. Fritz immigrated to Waukesha in 1964 after the death of his parents, where he played youth soccer for the Waukesha Continentals. In 1968, he joined the Milwaukee Bavarians' Major team where he played for 17 years. As a midfielder for the Bavarians, Fritz led them to numerous Major Division, State Amateur and Open Cup championships and in 1976 to the USSF National Amateur Championship. Fritz was widely recognized for his tremendous work rate and tireless running in midfield and his ability to enable his teammates to maximize their effectiveness.

March 21, 2009 - Next Hall of Fame is at Serb Hall again!

2009 Hall of Fame inductees will be annouced to the public in two weeks!
Plan on attending the 2009 WSA HOF on Saturday, March 21, 2009 at Serb Hall. Please support the advertisers who are listed on the side of the newsletters.

Soccer Rule Change - Substitutions

Effective immediately, substitutions will be permitted at any stoppage of play at all levels of play for games played within Wisconsin.”

Commonly asked questions

Q. Can a team substitute while the ball is in play (i.e. on the fly)?
A. NO! Substitutions can only take place during a stoppage of play.

Q. Can a team substitute on a free kick?
A. YES. A free kick is awarded because of a foul that results in a stoppage of play.
Q. Can a referee deny a substitution request?
A. No, assuming all of the procedural requirements (see Law 3 below) have been met. However, if the substitutes are not ready when the game is stopped, the requirements have not been met. This is particularly important to recognize when a team wishes to take a quick restart.

Q. What if it is obvious that a coach is practicing gamesmanship and sending a substitute at every stoppage?
A. How did referees handle this when substitutions were only for particular stoppages? Referees should inform the teams that time will be added for time lost due to substitutions. Note to referees: that generally stops the problem.

Wisconsin Referee website
FIFA Laws of the Game 2008/2007

Wisconsin First Soccer Schedule

Date/Tme Home Away Location
Sun. Oct 26 12:30 PM Milwaukee Brewers AUAC Brown Deer HS
2:30 PM WSC Tigers Milwaukee Sport Club Whitman
12:30 PM WSC United D&S Whitman
12:30 PM Croatian Eagles Cd Aguila Croatian Park
12:30 PM Celtics Club Latino Uihlein
12:30 PM Bavarian United Serbian Bavarians
12:30 PM Milwaukee Serbian USA Palermo Caledonia
12:30 PM Milwaukee Kickers Verdi Uihlein
Sun. November 2 12:30 PM Bavarian Cd Aguila Bavarians
12:30 PM WSC United Celtics Whitman
2:30 PM WSC Tigers Club Latino Whitman
12:30 PM Croatian Eagles AUAC Croatian Park
12:30 PM D&S Verdi Uihlein
12:30 PM Milwaukee Sport Club USA Palermo MSC
12:30 PM United Serbian Milwaukee Brewers Serb Hall
12:30 PM Milwaukee Kickers Milwaukee Serbian Uihlein

Major Division Soccer Schedule

Date/Time Home Away Location
Sun. Oct. 26 3:00 PM Madison United Milwaukee Kickers Warner Park
3:00 PM Bavarian United Serbian Bavarians
3:00 PM Croatian Eagles Milwaukee Sport Club Croatian Park
  Club Latino Bye Bye
  Milwaukee Serbian Bye Bye
Sun. Nov. 2 3:00 PM Club Latino United Serbian Grant
3:00 PM Milwaukee Kickers Bavarian Uihlein
3:00 PM Milwaukee Serbian Madison United Caledonia
  Croatian Eagles Bye Bye
  Milwaukee Sport Club Bye Bye

International Soccer Schedule

Away Team Home Team Time
Tuesday, November 4, 2008    
Clark County Soccer League at Clark County Soccer League Salamanca (Mexico) 9:00 p.m.(Central)
Saturday, November 6, 2008    
(Leon) Clark County Soccer League at Clark County Soccer League Salamanca (Mexico) 9:00 p.m.(Central)
Wednesday, November 12, 2008    
 Mexico MNT at Chase Field (Phoenix, AZ) Ecuador MNT 7:00 p.m. (Central)

Wisconsin Boys High School Soccer

To see the current standings on the Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association:

Division 1
Division 2
Division 3

For a summary of the games from Wisconsin Boys High School Soccer as of Thursday, Ocotber 24, 2008, go to this link at JSONLINE.

People on the Move

Bob Gansler, WSA HOF 1987 has returned to Wisconsin and will working with Bob Spielman at the Elm Grove Soccer Club.

Hall of Fame Inductee Pictures

We mentioned in a previous newsletter that we still need photos for some of the Wisconsin Soccer Association Hall of Fame Inductees. Just recently, we received the picture for Ferdinand Goetze. We received this photo from his daughter, Linda after someone suggested that his grand daughter plays for the Ladies Pro Golf Association.

This photo was taken in 1933.

If you have any photos which are Wisconsin Soccer releated and would be willing to donate or borrow, please let us know!

Ferdinand Kurt Goetze
Ferdinand Kurt Goetze was born in Muhlhauseh i. Thuring , Germany, in 1906. At the age of eighteen, he immigrated to America, eventually settling in Milwaukee where he met and married Mary Lewein and where he played soccer for nineteen years. Ferdinand, "Fritz," first played for the Deutscher Sport Club in 1926, and then later played for the Eagles, the Wackers, and the Bavarians. In a tournament held in Sheboygan in 1928, Fritz scored six goals and was named the tournament's most valuable player. From 1948 through 1968 he served on the Grievance Board of the Wisconsin Soccer Association.In 1986 Ferdinand Goetze was inducted into the Wisconsin Soccer Hall of Fame.

Ferdinand Goetze passed away on December 10,1993. He is survived by his wife, Mary Goetze; his son Gregg and daughter-in-law Irene; his daughter Linda and husand Barry Braender; four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Interesting Links

Live Score - Give live streaming scores for soccer games all over the world. Note: It is a sports betting site.
Get the scores for the Eurpean Cup as well as other locations.
United Serbians, Milwaukee Wisconsin website
http://www.imscouting.com/ - Scout out a soccer player all over the world...this is a must if you are playing fantasy soccer or just want to find out about a player!

In Memory of Jimmy Carson

James Carson II 73, Indianapolis died Sep. 12, 2008. He was born on Aug. 11, 1935 in Scotland, the son of James I and Grace (Higgins) Carson. Mr. Carson retired in 2000 from Detroit Diesel Allisons after 25 years of service and served in Great Britain’s Army from 1954 to 1959 and was a member of UAW Local # 933. He was a beloved figure in Region II of the United States Amateur Soccer Association. Jimmy has been president of Indiana State Soccer Association for 25 years and he is one of the longest serving state presidents. He first became involved with soccer in the US in 1968 when he helped form the British American Football Club. For five years he served as the Secretary of the Central Indiana Soccer Association. He served on the USASA Credentials Committee for four years and as the Region II Select Team Administrator for six years. He also served on the USASA Budget Committee for six years and has been an active member of the USASA since its inception.

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Soccer Trivia Answers

Secretary of State Henry Kissinger met with H.R. Haldeman and President Richard Nixon to review aerial photos of Cienfuegos, Cuba. This was eight years after the Cuban Missile Crisis, which had been resolved when the Soviet Union agreed to leave the island nation. Kissinger showed photos of soccer fields in Cuba and explained, “Cubans play baseball. Russians play soccer.” The photos were the first warning that Soviet men were implementing launching plans in Cuba. Working quietly and without media attention, Nixon and Kissinger convinced the Soviets to stop construction on the Cuban base within two months.

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