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Newsletter - August 1, 2008

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Gene Edwards at USSF meeting. Date unknown, serving cake and coffee. Gene Edwards was the vice-president at Blue Cross-Blue Shield and president of the WSA from 1960-1969.

Milwaukee Sport Club takes First in the U23 Playoffs

Congratulations to Milwaukee Sport Club in winning the U23 Championship games last night at Brookfield East against Elm Grove Soccer Club. The final score was 4-2!

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Richard Williams giving Milwaukee Sport Club the trophy

Milwaukee Sport Club

Elm Grove SC

The Game!

Verdi Takes First in First Division Season, Milwaukee Serbian Takes the Majors

Congratulations to Verdi for taking first in the First Division 2007-2008 season. And also to Milwaukee Serbian for taking first in the Majors 2007-2008 season.

Bavarian Takes First in Majors and First Division Play-offs

In the First Division championship, Bavarian SC beat Serbian SC 3 to 1.

The Major's championship between Bavarian SC and Serbian SC was tied 1-1 at the end of regulation time. The teams played an additonal two 15 minute halves. It was still tied at this time and the game was decided by a shoot out. Bavarian won when the team scored 4 out of 5 penalty kicks and Matt Schmidt, the goalie, saved two goals. Serbian SC of Milwaukee only scored 3 out of 5, with Niko Markos as the defending goalee.


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Men's Majors and First Division Registration

The WASA Major and First Division League Meeting will be held on Sat. Aug 9, 2008 at 9AM at the Wisconsin Soccer Association Office: 10708 W Hayes Ave. The meeting will last no more than 2 hours. All teams that have any suggested league changes needs to get them to us by August 1, so we can prepare everyone for the meeting. It is mandatory that each club is represented at the meeting.

Every team must complete and hand-in a team registration form, and a $200 Check for each team before August 5. The Team registration form can be found on the website. We also need field conflict dates for the fall and spring before August 5. We will have the game schedule complete by august 9 to hand out at the meeting. We need to get this done early because of the limited number of referees. All teams must pay there current invoices by August 5 to play in the 2008 Fall Season. All player passes must be returned to the office by August 5.

Jerry Merz

Judge Rules in Favor of Soccer Association

A Milwaukee County judge has kicked out a state agency's decision requiring the Wisconsin Soccer Association to have unemployed compensation for referees, coaches and trainers, some of whom work only a few games a year...(more)

The Wisconsin Soccer Association has filed a lawsuit fighting a state decision that would require youth soccer clubs to have unemployment compensation insurance for referees, coaches and trainers, some of whom work only a few games a year...http://www.jsonline.com/story/index.aspx?id=703322

Croatian Eagles Are Going to the National Cup

The Croatian Eagles have made it to the National Cup, the oldest and most prestigious soccer tournament in the United States.


Soccer Trivia

1. What Poland National Team player won most valuable player honors in MLS Cup ‘98?

2. What was the final score when the U.S. Men's National Team played Poland in the 2002 World Cup?

(see answer below)

Spotlight on 2008 Inductee: Joe Krzyzaniak

Joe Krzyzaniak - Referee Category
He currently resides in Greenfield, WI with his wife Dani. Joe was born in Milwaukee in 1955. He played soccer in Milwaukee area leagues as a youth and adult. In 1987 he became a USSF registered referee and as a State Level Referee he served for eleven years, until 1998 when he attained "National" level status. As a National referee Joe officiated professional games for five years. He retired as a referee in 2003 to assume the responsibility of State Referee Administrator, a position he currently holds. Joe served as a National Referee Assessor for Major League Soccer officials. He also continues to serve as the Lead Assessor at National Tournaments throughout the county. Joe has been instrumental in the growth and development of referee ranks in Wisconsin with 20 years of service in the administration, training and assessment of Wisconsin's game officials.

March 21, 2009 - Next Hall Of Fame is at Serb Hall again!

Plan on attending the 2009 WSA HOF on Saturday, March 21, 2009 at Serb Hall. Please support the advertisers who are listed on the side of the newsletters.

Soccer Rule Quiz

By Mitch Jovic

1. From a penalty-kick the ball bursts on striking the goalposts and rebounds into the field. What is the correct action?

2. At the end of a defensive wall a defender extends his arm. The ball strikes it and ricochets over the crossbar. What is the correct decision?

3. An attacker is in an off-side position when he receives the ball from a throw-in. He scores. Is the goal allowed?

Answers at bottom!

Major League Soccer Schedule

Away Team Home Team Time
Saturday, August 2    
Kansas City Wizards D.C. United 7:30pm
Chivas USA Chicago Fire 8:30pm
Columbus Crew Houston Dynamo 8:30pm
Sunday, August 3    
Los Angeles Galaxy San Jose Earthquakes 3:00pm
FC Dallas Toronto FC 4:00pm
Saturday, August 9    
Toronto FC Colorado Rapids 4:00pm
Chicago Fire New England Revolution 7:30pm
Chivas USA Kansas City Wizards 8:00pm
Sunday, August 10    
D.C. United New York Red Bulls 5:00pm
Thursday, August 14    
Los Angeles Galaxy Chivas USA 11:00pm

Hall of Fame Inductee Pictures

We still need photos for some of the Hall of Fame Inductees. NP means that we need a photo. If you are willing to lend us a photo, we can make a high-quality scan and return the photo after we're done. NBP means that we need a better photo than the one we have now.
  • NP - Need a photo
    • Tony Davis - 2004
    • Paul Kaponya - 2000
    • Herb Schweinert - 2000
    • Golen Ami Amini - 1999
    • Stanley Kaczmarek - 1999
    • Milan Vidakovich - 1998
    • Glen Ward - 1998
    • John Jesmok - 1996
    • John Stier - 1988
    • Ferdinand Goetze - 1986
    • Walter Habel - 1986
    • John Joachimczyk - 1986
    • Frank Trimmel - 1986
    • George Panich - 1985
    • John Petek - 1985
    • Walter Karsten Baade - 1984
    • Peter Murphy - 1984
    • John Zussman - 1984
  • NPD - Need a better photo
    • Tom Alioto - 2007
    • Hayden Knight - 2005
    • Heinz Kiefer - 2004
    • Al Hospel - 1988
    • Joe Poeschl - 1985

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Soccer Trivia Answers

1. In 1998, the Chicago Fire had three Polish stand-outs, including Peter Nowak, a former captain of the Poland National Team. In MLS Cup ‘98 he assisted on two goals, leading his team to a 2-0 victory and earning him MVP honors.
2. The U.S. needed to tie for a sure place in the next round. But Poland scored twice before the fifth minute. Landon Donavan put one in the net but had it called back on a crap call before Poland went up 3-0. Donovan did get one on the board later, and Brad Friedel saved a PK. Even though the U.S. lost 3-1, we got through because of South Korea’s win over Portugal. The streets of South Korea were relatively happy afterward. Poland’s fans were joyful for the win. The American fans were happy to be going through. The Koreans were elated to have won the group, earning a spot in the final 16. Of course Portugal was upset, leaving with three points after arriving as a tournament favorite.

Soccer Rule Questions - Answers

1. The game must be stopped and then restarted by dropping another ball near the goalposts.
2. The defender has intentionally allowed the ball to strike his arm. A direct free-kick (or a penalty-kick if inside the penalty-area) should be awarded.
3. Yes, a player cannot be off-side from a throw-in.

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