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John Becker - (b. Milwaukee) Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

Born and residing in Milwaukee, WI, John Becker began his playing career with the Bavarian Soccer Club from 1967-1975, where he was consistently the leading scorer each year. He also played for James Madison High School from 1973-1976, where he helped his team win the City Championship in 1975, and was selected All Conference in 1974 and 1975. During this time period he was a player for the Wisconsin Soccer Association Youth All Star Team from 1968-1977. After high school he played for the Milwaukee Sport Club U-18 team from 1976-1977, and went to play for UW-Milwaukee from 1976-1979. While there he was a 3-year starter, and helped his team qualify for the school's first NCAA tournament entry in 1979. John played for the Milwaukee Brewers from 1978-1979, and then moved to play for the Bavarian Soccer Club from 1980-1981, where they won the State Championship and Open Cup Championship in 1981. John then played for Milwaukee Sport Club (1981-1988, and 2001-2008) where they won various Cup Championships and State Championships, Victoria F.C. (1989-1990), and Mequon United (1995-2001), where he helped them win 3 State Championships, and Cup Championships. John was also chosen for the Wisconsin All Star Team in every position except Goalkeeper from 1979-1988, and from 1995-1997 where he served as captain in 1996 and 1997. He is currently a member of various over-30 and over-40 clubs, still very much enjoying the game. Throughout his extensive playing career he has scored over 300 goals. His coaching career began with the Medalist Soccer Camps from 1979-1985, and helped initiate Brookfield Central's first Varsity Soccer Team in 1980, reaching the semi finals in its' first year. He then moved on to coach Notre Dame High School Junior Varsity from 1982-1984, Wauwatosa West Junior Varsity in 1985, and then the Varsity Coach from 1986-1989. John went on to coach the Milwaukee Sport Club Majors and First Division teams from 2002-2006 (First Division State Champions in 2003 and 2004), and then the Women's Soccer Club Majors from 2006-2008.
Keith Binns Keith Binns - (b, Leeds, England) Overall

Keith Binns was born in Leeds, England, where he played for Leeds Nalgo in 1949 and Crossgate Rovers from 1950-1955 right before moving to Milwaukee, WI to play for the Bavarian Soccer Club in 1955. From 1956-1973 after moving to Madison, WI, he played for the Madison 56ers Soccer Club, and then Madison United Soccer Club from 1974-1991. He even currently plays for the Madison United Soccer Club Over 40 Recreational Team! After his competitive playing days ended, he continued to serve the soccer community by coaching (he possesses a USSF "D" License). He coached in the Madison Area Youth Soccer Association from 1966-1980. He also coached the very first Madison Memorial High School Girls Varsity Team in 1974. He then coached the Madison United Majors Team from 1975-1995, where they won the National Amateur Cup in 1988 and were the Major League Champions in 1989 and 1990, and also coached the Madison United Women's team from 1981-1990, where the represented our state in the National Amateur Cup in 1990. He coached at the Yahara United Youth Soccer Club from 1990-1995 as well. His administrative accolades include founding the Madison 56ers in 1956 and Madison United in 1974. He was also involved in the development of the Madison Area Youth Soccer Association in 1966, and the Wisconsin Soccer Coaches Association in 1976. Keith also was a Wisconsin Soccer Association Board Member from 1987-1992, and the President of the Capitol Region of the Wisconsin Soccer Association from 1987-1993.
Stefano Carni Stefano Carini - (b. ? Italy) Referee

Steve currently lives in Greenfield with his wife Catherine. He has five children, Sergio, Giorgio, Angelo, Isabella, Antonio, 8 grandchildren, number 9 due in May, 3 wonderful daughter in-laws and a great son in-law.

Steve started playing for the Verdi Sport Club Youth Division in 1960 at the age of ten. Was twice a WSA Junior Division State All Star Player. Began playing in the WSA Adult Division in 1966. Played high school soccer at St, John Cathedral in downtown Milwaukee, where he helped the team win a State Championship and was selected all American High School player in 1968. He attended the University of Wisconsin Green Bay and was a starter for one half of the Phoenix regular season schedule in 1969. Also attended UW-Milwaukee and MATC.

Played with Chicago Polish Lightning in 1975, Milwaukee Polonia S.C. in 1976 and returned to Verdi in 1977. Coached Verdi youth and reserve teams and won a WSA State Reserve Championship. Held many positions on the Verdi Club board of directors, and even became the President for a year. In the later 1990’s helped lead a Croatian Eagles SC Youth movement, coached teams and started their youth tournament which is still going strong to this day. Steve also helped coach teams in the Mitchell Street Community Soccer league.

Steve’s Referee career began in 1989, and he quickly moved to a USSF Level 5. He traveled throughout the Midwest as a Wisconsin Soccer Association Referee for Youth Region 2 games, Adult Cup games tournaments, International games, USISL games and Wisconsin Adult Majors, Reserve championship games, High School and college games. He was put on the Wisconsin Referee list for the USSF National Referee Program, he passed the final Assessment by USSF National Assessor Casimir ( Casey ) Mitchel to go on to the National Referee test and eventually become a Grade 4 – National Referee if you passed but because of family interests could not continue the program.

He served on the WYSA Metro District Board as the Referee Administrator for almost 10 years and its District Referee Assignor, the Vice President of the Metro Referee Unit and the Referee Assignor for all State Adult games. He worked with SRA Will Peters, Mich Jovic, Douglas Haag, State Assessors and Instructors to develop many youth and adult Referees and some who went on to become National Referees. Steve helped to develop Referee Units in the Delevan, Ozaukee areas and developed young Referees unit for one of the Milwaukee Catholic Soccer Youth leagues .

With Richard Williams, Bill Sandoval, Mich Jovic and Douglas Haag he recruited many adult and U23 teams from many areas of Wisconsin to join WSA. He has also been active as an elected vice President and Secretary of the WASA, an elected board member of the WSA, Inc. and elected officer of the WSA, Inc. Executive Board.
Tommy Comiskey Tommy Comiskey - (B. Milwaukee, WI) Player

Tommy was born in Milwaukee, WI, and is married to Kathleen Comiskey, with their four children Jack, Eileen, Matthew and Patrick. In high school he blossomed as a star player, helping Marquette High School win the State Championship in 1981 and 1982, and was 1st Team All State. He played for Marquette University following high school from 1983-1986, and became their 3rd all time leading scorer. He also played for the Milwaukee Kickers Majors Team from 1983-1984, and 1992-1993. His most successful period was with the Milwaukee Serbian Soccer Club from 1985-1988, where he helped them win the Major Division Championship in 1986 and 1987, and the Challenge Cup Championship in 1987. He then moved on to play for Polonia S.C. from 1989-1991. He was selected to play for the Wisconsin All Star Team from 1985-1992, and was also selected to play for the North Team on Sports Festivals in Baton Rouge (1985) and Houston (1986). He holds a USSF "D" Coaching License, and has coached at Milwaukee Kickers Youth (1983-1985, 2000-2006), the Tosa Kicks (1987-1990), and the Bavarian Soccer Club (2007-present).
Patty Mesdjian Patty Mesdjian - (b. Madison) Player

Patty was born and currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin. She is married to Ara Mesdjian, with their two children Dominick and Noah. While attending Middleton High School she started playing on the boys varsity soccer team in 1981. Once a girls soccer program was established at Middleton, she played varsity for the next three years, where she was a team captain for the remaining three years, and voted MVP for her last two years. During this time she also played for the Madison 56ers Women's Team, up until 1991. She moved on to play for UW-Madison from 1984-1988. Her accolades included Most Improved Player in 1985, Team Captain in 1988, "Soccer America" Player of the Week (November 1988), North Olympic Development Team in 1987, and an NCAA Final Four Appearance in 1988 (the first Wisconsin college soccer team to do so). From 1993 to 2008 she has played for the Madison United Women's Soccer Team. She gained so much experience that she wanted to share her knowledge and expertise by becoming a soccer coach. She began at the Capitol Sports Center where she coached youth and women's classes (and also did a bit of refereeing as well). She went on to coach the Madison West Girls High School Varsity Team from 1988-1994, where she went on to win the WIAA State Championship in 1988 and 1991, an appearance at the State Championship in 1992, and won the Wisconsin Soccer Coaches Association Coach of the Year award in 1991. From 1996-1997 she coached the Madison 56ers U-17 Girls Premier team, and the Magic Mustangs from 2002-2008. She has also worked at a variety of soccer camps in the Madison area, including the Capitol Soccer Camps, UW-Madison, and Wisconsin Soccer Academy, and even assisted Team USA with travel arrangements for 23 teams throughout 7 different countries.
Mitch Nedeljkovic Mitch Nedeljkovic - (b. Serbia) Player

Mitch was born in Nis, Serbia, and moved to the United States in the late 1960s. He currently lives in Racine, WI with his wife Snezana. He has three children, Robert, Anita, Ivana, and three grandchildren Tijana, Tamara, and Ognjen. He started playing soccer in 1969 with Racine Soccer Club, and joined the Milwaukee Serbian Soccer Club in 1971, where he played till 1973. Wanting to better his life and further his education, he attended U.W. Parkside where he played soccer from 1972-1973. His most successful soccer achievements were with the United Serbian Soccer Club from 1973-1982, where they won the State Championship in 1980 as a left wing, and many other amateur tournaments in Wisconsin, as well as playing for the Wisconsin All Star Team. In 1983 he joined the newly formed Racine Strikers and played for them till 1987, winning the Milwaukee Auditorium Indoor Championship in 1984. He began his referee career in 1987 as a high school referee up until 2000, and in the Wisconsin Adult Soccer Association Division from 1988-1995.
Jesus Santos Jesus Santos - (b. Mexico) Player, Club Latino

Jesus was born in Matamoros, Mexico, and currently lives in Milwaukee, WI with his wife Bernie and children Andres and Paulina. He won his first trophy at the age of 8 with the Novatos Amateur team in Reynosa, Tamaulipas. He moved to Milwaukee in 1980, where he played for the Milwaukee Brewers from 1980-1981 right before starting his high school career at South Division High School. While at South Division he helped them win their conference four years in a row. He was the team's leading goal scorer in his second year (42 goals), and helped his team reach the state semi-finals in 1984. He played one season at UW-Milwaukee for Coach Bob Gansler, and was offered a spot on the Milwaukee Wave professional indoor soccer team, but rejected the offer to pursue other academic goals (he currently possesses two Bachelor's degrees and a Masters in administrative education). Since the mid 1980s he's played for the Club Latino Reserves and Majors teams, and then moved on to pioneer the first Azteca First Division team, promptly moving up to the Reserves division in one season. After a few seasons with Azteca, he moved back to Club Latino, where he currently plays for the Reserve team, and the Old Timers Over-40 league. He continues to impact his community by working as a Bilingual Curriculum Specialist for Milwaukee Public Schools.
Adolf Wilke Adolf Wilke - (b. Wartegau, Germany) Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

Adolf was born in Wartegau, Germany. He presently lives in Colgate, WI with his wife Pauline. He has two children, and two grandchildren. He moved to Wisconsin at 15, and began playing for the Milwaukee Sport Club Majors Team in 1962. He primarily played as left wing, however his versatility in playing other positions on the field made him a valuable asset, granting his the nickname "The Prince" by his teammates. Up until 1974, he was selected numerous times to the Wisconsin All Star Team, and led his team to numerous Cup Championships. After his playing career, he went on to coach many different age groups for Milwaukee Sport Club for six years, his most successful being a U-18 boys team which won numerous tournaments. Besides being a major contributor to the MSC Majors Team's and the MSC Youth Clubs' successes, he has been a major asset both on and off the field to the Milwaukee Sport Club as a whole.
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Djordje (George) Blašcuk, Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

George was born in 1938 in Serbia. He started playing high-level soccer with the Yugoslavian First-Division team the Red Star from Beograd in 1952 and 1953. He continued playing high-level soccer for Bayern Munich, Germany Second Division in 1954. He came to the United States in 1955 and played for Sparta from Chicago.

He moved to Milwaukee in 1956 where he played for the Serbian Soccer Club until 1963. From 1964 to 1966 he played for the club Jadran from California. He continued moving to South America in 1967 where he played on Kristal F.C. in Lima, Peru. He ended his career while playing for Stockholm F.C. in 1968 and 1969.

Additional accomplishments include: Yugoslavian First Division Championship with Red Star in 1953, WSA Major Division Championship with Serbian Soccer Club in 1956, 1957, and 1958, WSA Challenge Cup Champs with Serbian Soccer Club in 1956, 1957, 1958, 1959, and 1962, and Wisconsin All-Star member from 1956 to 1963.

He presently resides in Beograd, Serbia.

Robert Buss, M.D., Administrator, Brookfield Soccer

Robert was born in Mankato, Minnesota in 1940. He is married to Mary and together they have five children, Robert, Peter, Michael, Jonathan, and Matthew, and eight grandchildren.

He served as the regional director of the Milwaukee Kickers - Brookfield, prior to being founder and president of Brookfield Soccer Association from 1981 to 1986. He also helped institute the Brookfield High School Soccer Program. He sponsored coaching clinics and WSA coaching school programs. His experience with playing soccer includes playing with the Oldtimers and coaching youth teams, ages 12-16. Robert served as Milwaukee Wave team physician from 1984 to 2006.

Robert presently lives in Brookfield.
Fernando Campos, Player, Club Latino

Fernando was born in Mexico in 1957. He is married to Sylvia with children, Diego and Kayla.

At the age of 16, he came to Milwaukee from Villagran, Guanajuato, Mexico. In 1974, he started playing Majors for Club Deportivo Latino, leading the team in goals and assists. In 1975 he graduated from South Division High School where he led the team to become State Champions, while becoming the lead scorer for the school. After high school, he enrolled and played for UW-Milwaukee NCAA 1st division soccer. He also joined Milwaukee Brewer Soccer Club. In 1976 he went back to Mexico to play semi-professional soccer for the Aztecas Soccer Club. He returned to Milwaukee, reentered UW-Milwaukee, and graduated in 1978 while receiving NCAA 1st division honors.

From 1980 to 1986 he played for Milwaukee Serbian Soccer Club, and helped them become State Champions in 1984, while leading the team by scoring 98 goals and assists. Also during this time he played for the Minneapolis Andinos Soccer Club.

He ended his playing career with Club Deportivo Latino, where he played Majors and Reserve Division leading the team in goals and assists.

His coaching experience includes coaching the first female, Latino soccer team under 19 years old. He was the assistant coach for UW-Whitewater, Wauwatosa East High School, Riverside High School, and Pulaski High School. He also coached youth, reserve, and majors Club Deportivo Latino.

In 1978 he became a USSF soccer referee, and also served as president of Club Deportivo Latino for 7 years.

Fernando currently resides in Milwaukee.
Michael "Misho" Hincak, Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

Michael (Mišo) Hincak was born in 1951, in Croatia, where his soccer career began with the youth division at the age of six. As he grew up and honed his soccer skills, he eventually played for a Second Division Semi-pro team in Borovo, Croatia.

In 1973 he immigrated to Milwaukee, USA and started playing for the Croatian Eagles Major Division. During his ten-year tenure with the Croatian Eagles, he functioned as a player/Coach/Manager for the team.

In the early 1980's he joined the Milwaukee Sport Club, where he played for the MSC Majors for several years and functioned as a player/coach for a few years as well.

Advancing age and nagging injuries finally persuaded him to retire from Major Division competition while still in his early forties. But he couldn't just walk away from it. He stayed active by joining the MSC Old-Timers where he still participates today.

He always had tremendous respect for soccer and truly was dedicated to the sport. After his retirement from the majors, he wanted to give something back to soccer, a sport that had become his passion. So, in 1995 he joined the Referee Association and became a USSF Wisconsin State Referee...a NISOA College Referee...a Wisconsin High-School Referee and a Milwaukee Wave Indoor Official. In addition to coaching major division teams for nearly ten years, he also coached his son's Youth Teams from U-7 through U-17.

Michael (Mišo) Hincak has been a dedicated Soccer Ambassador for most of his life and truly deserves the honor of being inducted into the Wisconsin Soccer Hall of Fame.
Steve Mott, Referee / Player, WSA Referee Unit

Steve Mott was born in Green Bay, Wisconsin in 1960. Early on in his soccer career, he excelled in high school as the team captain. He made All-Conference Team, and won the Conference and State Tournament Championship. Steve also did well as a college player at UW-Milwaukee, where they made 2 NCAA Tournament appearances.

After school, he played Major Division. With the Milwaukee Kickers he won the President's Cup in 1975. He helped the Milwaukee Serbians win 3 State Championships and 1 Open Cup State Championship. He also represented the Milwaukee Serbians at the Region II Championship.

In addition to playing, he obtained high-level referee experience and became one of Wisconsin's top referees. His accomplishments include being State Referee, National Referee, and National Assessor. His officiating included Youth and Adult Regional Championships and the United States Youth National Finals. He also officiated NCAA, MISL, NPSL, and USISL professional soccer games. His biggest game was the US Women's National Team vs. South Korea. Like everyone else, he wanted to give something back to referees by assessing them in all leagues he officiated in 2004 to present day. Presently he lives in Plover, Wisconsin with his wife, Patty, and two sons, Andy and Adam.
Gregory Santaga, Player, Croatian Eagles

Gregory was born in 1961 in Green Bay, Wisconsin. He is married to Ann and have children, Angelina, Kristina, Anthony.

He led UW-Green Bay to its first NCAA Division I Tournament in 1983. While playing for UW-Green Bay he had the following accomplishments:
Made First-Team All Midwest in 1982 and 1983
Holds the UW-Green Bay Division I single season scoring record (20) in 1983
Holds the UW-Green Bay Division I single season assist record (15) in 1983
Career goals (37) among UW-Green Bay's top five
Third in all-time assists leader (26)
Team Captain in 1983
Wisconsin's State MVP in 1983
Most Valuable Player of the 1983 All-Wisconsin Team
Nominated to the NCAA All-America in 1983
Hagemeister Leadership Award in 1984
Represented the North in the National Sports Festival held at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs. He was selected to the eleven-man All-Tournament Team.

His career at UW-Green Bay was cut short in 1984 due to an injury. When he recovered, he continued playing for the Croatian Eagles and Verdi Soccer Clubs in the Wisconsin Soccer Association for many years.

He was inducted into the UW-Green Bay Hall of Fame in 1998.

He coached girls of the Green Bay Thunder Team for three years and the Green Bay Lightning boys select team for seven years.

He presently lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Daniel Stadler, Player, Polonia SC

Daniel Stadler was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1962.

He was very successful early on his career. All of his youth playing experience was with Polonia Youth Soccer Club. He was one of the best Milwaukee Tech High School players from 1977 to 1980 where he earned All-Conference and All-State Honors. His leadership of the team made him a captain and MVP.

He continued his strong leadership while playing at Marquette University, again earning MVP honor and Captain title his senior year. One of his highest honors was being able to participate at the Wisconsin All-Star and National Sports Festival.

For twenty years he played for the Polonia Majors team from 1979 to 1999, and again became a team leader and captain. From 1999 to 2000 he had a brief playing experience with Seattle clubs.

His coaching experience was with:
Polonia S.C. and Muskego youth soccer teams
Marquette University Assistant
Coach Divine Savior High School Head Coach (2 WISAA State championships)
Polonia Major and Reserve team coach

He presently lives in Muskego, Wisconsin with his wife, Bonnie, and their children, Jacqueline and Natalia.
Mile Stanic, Overall, United Serbian

Mile was born in Yugoslavia in 1942.

He started his soccer career playing for his high school. After high school he played regional adult amateur soccer which was very similar to Wisconsin adult soccer.

In 1966 Mile joined his sister in the United States. He immediately became a member of the Serbian White Eagle Soccer Club, which became United Serbian Soccer Club. For 8 years he was a standard defensive-back. Younger players were arriving from Yugoslavia and slowly filling the Majors team. He continued playing for the Reserve Division of the United Serbian Soccer Club for many years. He was coach and manager in 1974 for the United Serbian Soccer Club.

For the next 13 years he played and coached the United Serbian Old Timers, who played in many ethnic tournaments in Canada and the United States against some of the best players.

In 1977, Mile decided to start refereeing. That didn't last very long because he had too much pride in what he knew about the game. He couldn't stand others telling him how to ref the game.

He currently resides in New Berlin with his wife Dorothy.

Keith Tozer, Coach, Milwaukee Wave

Player Career
AISA - Played in 100 games and scored 32 goals with 35 assists during his seasons with the Atlanta Attack and the Louisville Thunder ... Saw action in one year (1989-90) with Atlanta before coaching the next two seasons (1990-92) ... Played three seasons (1984-87) with Louisville. Pittsburgh Spirit - Spent three seasons (1981-84) with Pittsburgh of the MISL. .. Amassed eight goals with 14 assists in 85 games with the Spirit. Pennsylvania Stoners - Played the 1979 outdoor season with Pennsylvania of the ASL. Hartford Hellions - Played two seasons (1979-81) with Hartford of the MISL. .. Scored nine goals with 13 assists in 48 games with the Hellions. Cincinnati Kids - Began his professional playing career in 1978 and was the first player selected by Cincinnati in the inaugural MISL Draft ... Saw action in 23 games and had four tallies with three assists.

Overall - After 26 seasons as an indoor soccer head coach, 18 with the Milwaukee Wave, Keith Tozer has compiled more victories than any other coach in North American indoor soccer history ... He has 617 regular-season victories, 411 with the Wave ... His indoor record includes 23 winning seasons and was recently named 2010 MISL "Coach of the Year" for a record eighth time. Along the way Tozer has won eight regular season championships with the Wave and four league championships. He has also coached nine All-Star teams more than any other coach in professional indoor soccer history.

Milwaukee Wave - Guided the Wave to the 2010 MISL regular championship for a record eighth time the most of any professional indoor soccer franchise. Overall regular season record of 411-228 (.643), with a 38-29 playoff record (.567) ... Led the Wave to their first league title during the 1997-98 season with a 28-12 season record, winning the division and conference championships .,. Compiled a 19-1 record at the Bradley Center during 1997-98 ... During 1998-99, the team went 17-3 at home and had a 25-15 regular season record along with a playoff berth ... Recorded a 22-2 mark at home during the 19992000 season and a league-best 31-13 overall record while leading the Wave to their second MISL title in three years along with another division and conference title ... In 2000-2001, led the Wave to second consecutive title after fashioning 24-16 regular-season record ... In 2001-02, guided Wave to league-best 34-10 record, including MISL record 22-0 at home ... Won his fourth championship with the Wave in the 2004-05 season, going 4-0 in the playoffs ... Regular season champions in 2009-10, closing with an eight-game winning streak. " Eight league "Coach of the Year" honors, having received the award during the 1995-96, 1997-98, 1999-2000,2001-02,2002-03,2007-08 and 2009-10 campaigns.

Atlanta/Kansas City Attack - Joined the Attack as a player/coach in 1989 .. .In three years, the team switched cities (from Atlanta to Kansas City) and compiled an impressive 74-46 overall record ... Led the team to three consecutive playoff appearances.

Los Angeles Lazers - Became the head coach of the Lazers of the MISL in 1986 ... During his three years in LA, the team compiled a 62-70 record ... Named Soccer Digest Magazine's MISL "Coach of the Year" in 1988, after leading the Lazers from last place to their first-ever winning season.

Louisville Thunder - Began his coaching career as a player/coach for the Thunder in the AISA in 1984 ... Spent three seasons (1984-87) with the Thunder and led the team to a 70-37 overall record, which includes a 1986-87 AISA Championship.

US National Futsal Team - Named head coach of U.S. National Futsal Team in 1996 ... One of two certified FIFA Futsal instructor in the United States ... Guided the U.S. team to its first-ever gold medal in the CONCACAF Regional Championships in Guatemala ... Promoted to head coach in 1998 and finished third in Mundialito de Futsal in Brazil, the best finish by an American team ever ... In the summer of 2000, led the team to win the bronze medal at the CONCACAF Championships in Costa Rica ... In 2004 led team to a gold medal at the CONCACAF Championship with a 2-0 victory over Cuba, earning the team a spot at the 2004 FIF A Futsal World Championships in Chinese Taipei ... Coach of the first U.S. Fustal team in the Pan American Games in Brazil in July 2007 .... Again led team to FIFA Futsal World Cup in 2008 after at third-place finish at CONCACAF Championships.

Keith lives in Mequon, Wisconsin with his wife, Kelline, and their children and grandchildren, Ian, Alex, Mackenzie, and Grace.
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Mark Hagen, Player, Bavarian

Mark was born in Fargo, North Dakota in 1955. He currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with his wife Debbie. Mark's family moved to the Milwaukee area and he began playing youth soccer with the Salvation Army in 1967. In 1971 he joined the Milwaukee Bavarians and quickly worked his way onto the Major team. As a Bavarian he helped win numerous state and cup championships, including the 1976 National Amateur Cup. Mark was a skilled and talented youth player for the Bavarians and continued to demonstrate his skill and leadership on the field as an adult for the Bavarians until 1978, the Milwaukee Sports Club from 1978 to 1981, and finally the Croatian Eagles until he retired in 1986.

Mark has continued his involvement with soccer as a coach at Sussex Hamilton High School and as a youth coach with the Brookfield Soccer Club. As a soccer enthusiast, Mark has been a consistent source of service to the sport in the Milwaukee area.

David Harris, Administrator, WSA Referee Unit

David was born in Bridgend, South Wales in 1950. He currently resides in McFarland, WI with his wife Miriam. He has three grown children, Lee, Caroline and Ashley.

David was an outstanding soccer player as a youth and young adult in Wales. He was selected to the Welsh Boys Club team for games against Ireland and Scotland. He was also selected to the Welsh Colleges team for games against England and the Welsh FA. He played for seven years in the Welsh Premier League for Bridgend Town, Lwistown and Maesteg Park. David also began coaching in Wales as a player coach for Maesteg Park from 1977 to 1980 and Bryntirion Athletic from 1980 to 1982.

After moving to Wisconsin in 1982, David continued his playing career in the Wisconsin Major Division with Madison United from 1982 to 1986. He also continued coaching with stints at McFarland HS, Madison LaFollette HS, Monona Grove HS, Watertown HS and Madison East HS.

In 1986 David began his refereeing career. He was soon doing Wisconsin Major Division games and was often selected to do the centers at National Cup state finals and Major Division championships. He was often the referee of choice for difficult matches. David has often been Wisconsin's referee representative at regional tournaments. He is a level 5 USSF Referee. As an NCAA referee since 1987, David has been chosen to officiate over 100 post season NCAA games. He's been selected to referee three Division 3 finals in 1998, 1999 and 2000. He did the NAIA finals in 1994 and the Division 1 finals in 1992 and 1994.

In addition to being a game official, David has been very active in referee administration starting with being President of the Madison Area Soccer Referees Unit (MASRU) for ten years. He was the Head Referee for the ACC, Big East and Big 10 conferences and is current the Head Referee for the Big East, Conference USA and Horizon League. He is also currently the Director of Officials for Conference USA and the Lake Michigan Conference. In addition, he is a NISOA National Instructor and Regional Assessor and the Great Lakes/Midwest Post Season Advisor to the NCAA for all Division 1 men's play-off games.
Emil Jundt (b. 1941, d. 1998), Player, Bavarian

Emil was born in Hoffnungsfeld, Ukraine in 1941. He lived in Menomonee Falls, WI with his wife Toni, until his death of a hemorrhagic stroke in 1998, at the age of 56. His youth soccer experience started in West Germany, which his family immigrated to in 1947. He was an avid player who played both with local clubs and on the streets. In 1955 the Jundt's family immigrated to the U.S. and settled in Wisconsin.

Emil's talent was evident from the beginning and he was quickly identified by the Milwaukee Bavarians SC and began a twenty-one year playing career with them starting in 1955. By the age of 17, Emil had graduated to the Bavarian Major team, where he played for most of his career. He was a key player for the Bavarians as they won numerous Major Division Championships, including a record seven in a row. Emil was a member of the Bavarians' National Amateur Championship team of 1976. Emil is most remembered for his talent in scoring game winning goals as one of the top forwards in the Wisconsin Major Division.
Charles (Charlie) H. Schultz, Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

Charlie currently resides in Hubertis, WI with his wife Virginia. He was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1954. He played youth soccer, like so many others including his brother Michael, with the Salvation Army and starting in 1970 with the Milwaukee Bavarians.

In 1974 Charlie began playing for the Milwaukee Sports Club Major Team where he became a defensive fixture for the next 14 years. One of the top Center Backs in Wisconsin, Charlie was the anchor of the successful Sports Club defense for many years, including a number of cup and state championships. Widely recognized for his defensive prowess, he was a frequent Wisconsin All-Star selection during his career.

Michael (Dinky) Schultz, Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

Michael currently resides in Menomonee Falls, WI. He was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1958. Like his older brother Charlie, he played youth soccer with the Salvation Army and later with the Milwaukee Bavarians, starting in 1974 which won numerous championships, including the McGuire Cup and the Bavarian Major Team which won the National Amateur Cup Championship in 1976.

Dinky played much of his later adult club soccer with the Milwaukee Sports Club which he joined in 1983. Together with his brother, he led the Sports Club Major Team to many successful seasons and championships. Dinky played professionally with the Milwaukee Wave indoor team from 1986 to 1988. In recognition of his skills, he was a frequent selected to be a member of the Wisconsin All-Star Team and as a member of the National Sports Festival team, representing Wisconsin, for two years.

Michael has also had a successful coaching career with the Milwaukee Sports Club Major Team, starting as a player coach in 1987. He coached the Sports Club to the National Amateur Cup Finals in 1998 and the Major Division State Championship in 1999.

Simo Sucevic, Coach, United Serbian

Simo Sucevic was born in Yugoslavia in 1940. Simo currently resides in Muskego, WI with his wife Elinor. He played youth and college soccer in Yugoslavia prior to coming to the United States. He started his America soccer career with the United Serbians in 1965. He played with the United Serbians until 1977 and was a defensive selection to the Wisconsin All-Star team numerous times.

Simo's coaching career started in 1971 while still as player for the United Serbians he assumed the role of coach. As the United Serbian player/coach he lead the team to a Wisconsin Major Division and Wisconsin Challenge Cup championships. After retiring as a player in 1977, Simo continued coaching the United Serbians to many successful seasons and championships in the Wisconsin Challenge Cup and the Serbian National Federation Championship in 1979, involving teams from both the United States and Canada. In addition to his success as the United Serbians Major team coach, Simo has coached United Serbian youth teams, including U16, U19 and U23. He has also coached at Muskego High School and was the varsity soccer coach at Whitnoll High School from 1986 to 1994.

Vojislav (Bobby) Tubic, Player, United Serbian

Vojislav Tubic currently resides in Milwaukee, WI. He is the father of two sons, Marko and Misha, and grandfather of Lidia and Madeline. Vojislav passed his love of soccer to all his family. His son Marko played soccer for Whitefish Bay High School, later coaching his two daughters, Lidia and Madeline, beginning with the youth program until high school, where he was an outstanding Hamilton player, making the All City Soccer selection team. Misha was recruited by UWM and remains active in the sport today.

Bobby was born in Yugoslavia in 1940. He began playing soccer as a youth in Yugoslavia, where he mastered the basics of the game. In 1950, the Tubic family immigrated to the United States and Bob arrived in 1956. Bobby quickly joined the Milwaukee (Serbians) Soccer Club. At the age of 16, he was talented enough to make the team. Bobby was a key member of the successful Milwaukee Serbians teams from 1957 to 1961. His team won the Wisconsin Challenge Cups in 1957, 1958, 1959, and 1961 and additional State Championships in 1957 and 1958.

In 1963, Bobby was instrumental in the organization of the new White Eagles Soccer Club which, in 1968, was renamed the United Serbians SC. Under his on-the-field leadership, the United Serbians won numerous indoor and Wisconsin championships, including the Wisconsin Championship in 1973 and American-Serbian Federation Championships in 1972, 1973, and 1974. Bobby's playing skills and leadership ability were key ingredients in the success all his teams achieved.

Bobby has remained active, as a youth coach and administrator with the United Serbians SC. He assisted the WCTC soccer program to winning the Wisconsin Junior Championships in 1973 and 1974 and he was selected to the All Conference Select Team. He sponsored the Wisconsin Hunter's SC to promote the growth of soccer in Southeastern Wisconsin.
Craig B. Webb, Player, Madison 56ers

He currently resides in Fort Collins, CO with his wife Tracy and son Trevor and daughters Domonique and Collette. Craig was born in Scenectady, NY in 1959, but the family moved to Madison, WI in 1963. He began playing youth soccer in 1968 and was regularly selected to his age group's All-Star Team and often selected the team's MVP.

Craig played varsity soccer at Madison Memorial HS from 1973 to 1977 and was the team's Captain and MVP. He was also playing adult club soccer with the Madison 56ers during this time. In 1975 and 1976 he was an All-Capital (All-Star) Region selection. Craig was recruited to play his collegiate soccer at UW-Milwaukee from 1977 to 1981, where he was selected Team Captain and MVP. While living in Milwaukee Craig played also played club soccer for the Milwaukee Bavarians from 1977 to 1981.

In 1981 Craig was drafted by the Chicago Horizon MISL team where he played until the team folded. He returned to Madison to accept the position of the UW Madison's first Women's Soccer Varsity Coach, there he returned to playing for the Madison 56ers until 1986.

At UW Madison, Craig's UW Women's team had a record of 44 wins, 15 losses and 2 ties. The UW Women went to the AIAW National Championship in 1981 and to the NCAA National Championship in 1985. Craig was selected the 1985 NCAA Regional Coach of the Year.
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Dean Duerst, Player, Madison 56ers

Dean was born in Madison, WI in 1961. He currently resides in Ann Arbor, MI with his wife Nancy and children Jacob, Marley and Regina. Dean began playing youth soccer in Madison and was a skilled and talented player for his youth teams, at Madison Memorial High School, and for UW-Madison. At UW-Madison, Dean was selected Team Captain for two years and was an All Midwest selection in both 1982 and 1983.

Dean began playing for the Madison 56ers in 1977 at age 16 and led his youth teams to U19 (McQuire) Cup State Championships in 1978, 1980 and 1981. With the 56ers Major team from 1980 to 1996, he led the team to numerous Conference, Major Division, and National Cup State Championship. Twice he led 56er teams to the USSF Amateur Cup National Finals in 1990 and 1992, winning the Amateur Cup in 1992. He is the second leading goal scorer in Madison 56ers history with 136 goals. He played professionally for the Milwaukee Wave and the Fort Wayne Flames. An outstanding midfielder and team leader, Dean was one of the most recognized and respected players in Wisconsin during the 1980’s and 90’s.

Dean began coaching with UW-Madison as an Assistant for the men’s team in 1985 and later as Assistant with the UW-Madison Women’s Team. He was the WSA Women’s Select Team Coach in 1988. In 1993 he was selected as an Assistant Coach with the U.S. Women’s National Team and Head Coach of the National U20 Women’s Team. He was the Women’s ODP Head Coach from 1991 to 1997. In 1994 Dean became Head Coach for the UW-Madison Women’s Team, until 2006. Since 2006 he has been involved with the U.S. Women’s National Team program, coaching the U17 and U18 National Teams. He is currently the Associate Head Coach for the University of Michigan Women’s Team and an assistant with the U23 Women’s National Team.
Luka Gale, Overall, Croatian Eagles

Luka was born in Galici Bosnia in 1934, and attended school in Zagreb Croatia. In 1954, he traveled to Austria and played for FC Kufstin. He came to the USA in 1957 and settled in Milwaukee. He currently resides in Goodyear, AZ with his wife Annette. He has four grown children, Iva, Lisa, Tony, Luka Jr., and three grand children.

Luka joined the Croatian Eagles SC soon after his arrival in Milwaukee and became a life long member. While initially a valued player for 12 years, Luka eventually took on responsibility for many of the necessary administrative tasks needed for operating a successful soccer club, including team manager, Grounds Keeper, Treasurer, Vice-President, and President; positions he held for many years. He also coached youth from age 12 to 23, including his son Luka.

In addition to his ongoing club responsibilities, Luka also served for many years on a number of WSA committees, often at the request of the WSA President, and had an important role in assisting the WSA President and Commissioners in administering the sport of soccer in Wisconsin. Luka was an early member and long serving member of the WSA Hall of Fame Committee where his knowledge about Wisconsin soccer was a valuable asset.
David Hodgson, Player, Bavarian/United Serbian

Dave was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1959. Currently resides in Hubertus, WI with his wife Jamie. Dave has two daughters, Sonya and Katrina. His youth soccer experience, like many others started with the Salvation Army where he began his journey of soccer success. He was a key player for both Milwaukee Madison High School and then Marquette University. Dave had a long and successful playing career with the Milwaukee Bavarians and the United Serbians. He also played professionally with the Milwaukee Wave. He was one of Wisconsin soccer’s most prolific goal scorers for many years. His talents were recognized by his selection to three National Sports Festivals teams and as a member of the U.S. Olympic Team from 1982 to 1984.

Dave has since had an extensive coaching career with youth teams in Cedarburg and with the Milwaukee Bavarians. As a club coach with the United Serbians and as a high school coach at Cedarburg High School.
Kris Kelderman, Player, Paper Valley SC/MLS teams

Currently resides in Leawood, KS with his wife Ellen and children Jake and Josie. Kris was born in Appleton, WI in 1968. He played youth soccer in Neenah with the Paper Valley SC and Fox City SC and later played with the Milwaukee Kickers. Led Neenah High School to considerable success before going to the University of Virginia where he became one of their top-ten all-time leading scorers. He was an All-ACC selection in 1988 and 1989, plus winning an NCAA National Championship in 1989. In 1985, Kris was selected to the U.S. U17 National Team for the U17 Youth World Cup in China.

After college, Kris was a member of the 1991 World University Team in South Korea. Also in 1991 he started his professional career as a member of the Milwaukee Wave. After the Wave, Kris played for the Wisconsin Rampage, the Buffalo Blizzard, the Tampa Bay Terror, the St. Louis Ambush, and in 1996 signed with the MLS DC United. He was selected in the 1998 MLS expansion draft by the Miami Fusion FC, and then went to the New England Revolution in 1999. Kris returned to Wisconsin in 2000 to play for both the Milwaukee Rampage and the Milwaukee Wave, where in 2001 his playing career ended after a knee injury.

Kris began coaching while still a player. He has coached youth with the Wauwatosa SC, high school at Neenah and at Dover Massachusetts, college as an assistant at both the University of Virginia and George Mason University. He is currently an Assistant Coach for the MLS Kansas City Wizards.
Jim Launder, Coach, Milwaukee Kickers/Madison 56ers

He was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1952. Jim currently resides in Madison, WI. He has a son, Mario and a daughter, Sonia. He played youth and amateur soccer in Milwaukee, starting with the Salvation Army. He played for Custer High School and UW-Milwaukee.

Jim’s coaching career started in 1974 as an Assistant Coach at UW-Milwaukee. He started coaching club teams in 1975. In 1979 he moved to Madison and held the dual roles of Head Coach for the UW Women’s team until 1981 and Assistant Coach for the UW Men. In 1982 he took the UW Men’s Head Coach position until 1997, including an NCAA Championship in 1995. Jim has a remarkable coaching record that includes professional teams, the MLS Columbus Crew and A-League Milwaukee Rampage, and Head Coach at the University of Dayton from 1998 to 1999; as a club coach for the Chicago Cobras (W-League) and Chicago Sockers (PDL), and since 2004 with the Madison 56ers (NPSL). Jim was for 10 years the Region 2 Boys Olympic Development Head Coach. He has been a member of the U.S. Soccer National Coaching Staff since 1995 and was Head Coach of the Under 16 National Team at the U16 World Cup in France in 1996. Jim is currently the Coaching Director for the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA). He received his USSF A Coach License in 1984.

Jim was selected the NSCAA Region IV Coach of the Year in 1989, NSCAA Region IV Coach of the Year and Big-10 Coach of the Year in 1991, NCAA National Coach of the Year, NSCAA Region IV Coach of the Year, and Big-10 Coach of the Year in 1995. In addition to the WSA Hall of Fame, Jim was inducted into the UW-Milwaukee Hall of Fame in 1998, the Madison Area Soccer Hall of Fame in November 2009 and is also being inducted into the Wisconsin Soccer Coaches Association Hall of Fame on February 20, 2010.
Wilfried Massek, Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

Wilfried currently resides in Pewaukee, WI with his wife Anna. He has three sons, Mike, Darin, and Ryan. Wilfried was born in Duesseldorf, Germany in 1946 were he began his playing career as a youth. After arriving in Milwaukee, he joined the Milwaukee Sports Club and had a distinguished 20-year playing career with the Milwaukee Sports Club in the Wisconsin Major Division, leading his team to numerous tournament and cup championships. An outstanding center forward, Wilfried was one of the top scorers in the Major Division every year during his career. In recognition of his skills and scoring prowess, he was selected to be a member of the Wisconsin All-Star Team for 15 years.

Paul Smith, Overall, Racine Spartans

He currently resides in Wauwatosa, WI with his wife Caroline. Paul was born in Racine, WI in 1961 and graduated from Case H.S. in 1978. He was a latecomer to the sport of soccer, not playing until he was a sophomore at Carthage College. He quickly became a soccer enthusiast and led his team in scoring his junior year. In his senior year he was co-captain, set several scoring records and was named MVP after the season. He began playing for the Racine Soccer Club in 1980, where he played for 20 years.

He served as club representative to the WSA for 15 years. Paul’s work with the WSA, his knowledge of WSA issues, and his willingness to contribute to the administration of the WSA, led in 1991 to his selection to the WSA State Board of Director. He quickly became an important Board member, often called upon by then President Mike Kabanica to take a leadership role to address many of the challenges the organization faced. Among other roles, he was U-23 Commissioner, Over-30 Commissioner and State Cup Commissioner. His leadership abilities led in 1994, when the WSA was reorganization, to his election as a WASA Director. A position he held until 2008. In 2000 Paul was the unanimous selection for WSA President, where he served until 2003.

Paul’s many years of service to the WSA, in the most challenging positions, dealing with many of the most contentious issues, has been invaluable to the sport of soccer in Wisconsin.
Boro Sucevic, Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee/WC Rampage

He currently resides in Elm Grove, WI with his wife Elizabeth. Mr. Sucevic has two children, Elizabeth Mira and Thomas. He was born in Yugoslavia in 1961. “Boro” has an incredible resume, both as a player and as a coach.

In the Wisconsin Soccer Association he played for the Milwaukee Serbians, United Serbians, Milwaukee Sports Club, Milwaukee Bavarians, Reinders SC and the Waukesha County Rampage. He led his teams to three Major Division and two Challenge Cup championships. He was selected to the Wisconsin All-Star Team from 1981 to 1989. Professionally he played in the NASL with the Chicago Sting and the San Jose Earthquakes; in the ASL with the Oklahoma City Slickers; in the MISL with the Phoenix Inferno/Pride; in the SSL with the St. Petersburg Thunderbolts; and in the indoor NPSL with Milwaukee Wave, Columbus Capitals, Memphis Storm, Hershey Impact and Chicago Power.

Boro has a USSF A Coaching License. He has coached at the high school level at Homestead HS and Dominican HS; college at Ripon and Marquette; amateur with the PDL Wisconsin Rebels; profession teams with the Chicago Power and Milwaukee Rampage; and youth soccer as the Director of Coaching for the Milwaukee Kickers and the Elm Grove Youth Soccer Club, where he is currently Elm Grove Fire JR Director of Coaching. He was selected as the WSA Head Coach from 1990 to 1993 and also as the Region II Head Coach in 1993.
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Dr. Christian Akiwowo (b. 1947, Nigeria), Player, Milwaukee Kickers

Currently resides in Flossmoor, IL with his wife Gladys and children Christopher, Taiwo, Kehinde, and Idowu. He was born in Lagos, Nigeria in 1947. His successful playing career began in Nigeria at St. Peter's College from 1962 to 1966. In 1966 and 1967 he played for Nigeria's Western Region Academicals and was the team Captain. From 1967 to 1970 he played with the Nigerian Ports Authority team, winning the league championship in 1970.

Dr. Akiwowo's career moved to Wisconsin in 1971 where he played for the University of Wisconsin Green Bay from 1971 to 1973, where he was an NAIA All-American in all three years, and an NSCAA All-American in 1972 and 1973. He was selected to the Wisconsin All State Team all three years and in 1972 was also selected as one of the Outstanding College Athletes of America. In 1973 he was selected UWGB MVP. During the college off-season Christian played for the Milwaukee Brewers SC in 1971 and 1972 before going to the Milwaukee Kickers in 1973, where he played until 1977. While with the Milwaukee Kickers he was selected to the Wisconsin All-Star team three times from 1975 to 1977.

In 1978 Dr. Akiwowo moved to the Chicago area were he played until 1993 with the Gazelle Soccer Club in Chicago's National Soccer League. Since retiring as a player, Christians has continued his involvement with soccer with coaching and administrative roles with the Gazelle SC and the World Soccer League.

Dr. Akiwowo is already a member of both the UWGB and the Illinois Soccer Hall of Fames.
Gerard Averill, Player, Madison 56ers

Currently resides in Madison, WI. He has one son, Zephyr. Gerard was born in Madison, WI in 1964. His playing career as a goalkeeper began as a youth with the Madison 56ers SC and at Madison West HS where he led his teams to numerous league and state championships. In 1979 he was selected to try-out with the U.S. U16 National Team and from 1980 to 1981 played in Austria with the First Vienna FC.

Gerard returned to Madison to play with the University of Wisconsin from 1982 to 1986. As a collegian goalkeeper he was the UW's MVP for three years from 1984 to 1986, an All-Mideast selection in 1986 and 1986, a NSCAA All-American in 1986, won Academic All-Region honors in 1985 and 1986, and a College Senior Bowl All-Star Game selection in 1986. Over twenty years later he still holds the UW record for career wins (40) and career saves (299). From 1985 to 1986 he was a U.S. Senior National Team Pool player; he was selected to the 1987 U.S. Sports Festival North team; and was an alternate with the U.S. Olympic Team in 1988. When not involved in national or regional team competition, Gerard played in the Wisconsin Major Division with the Madison 56ers, winning numerous conference, national cup, and Region 2 Tournament of Champions championships, and later with the Amira/Blackhawks FC.

Gerard continues to play competitive soccer, although he is now does so as an accomplish field player rather then a goalkeeper.
Marko "Boz" Bosnjak (b. 1955, USA), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Currently resides in Franklin, WI with his wife Barbara and daughter Brianna. Marko was born in Milwaukee in 1955. Marko "Boz" was a life long member of the Milwaukee Serbian Soccer Club from the age of 8 until he retired as a player thirty years later.

In addition to his play with the Milwaukee Serbians, Baz played for MATC in 1974 and then transferred to UW-Milwaukee where he was a three-year starter and selected Defender of the Year in 1976 and 1977. A fixture in the Milwaukee Serbian defense during his entire adult career, he was instrumental in their winning numerous Major Indoor Championships in 1977, and Wisconsin State Championship in 1984, 1986 and 1987, Wisconsin Cup Champions in 1978 and 1987 and Wisconsin Open Cup Championships in 1977 and 1984. His defensive capabilities were recognized by his selection to the Wisconsin All-Star team in 1983 and 1984.
Michael Cox, Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

Currently resides in Brookfield, WI with his wife Anni and children, Rachel, Elizabeth, and Lauren. Michael "Paco" was born in Milwaukee in 1959 and began his playing career as a youth with the Milwaukee Bavarian SC, winning a number of championships, cumulating in 1977 with advancing to the U.S. finals for the U19 McGuire Cup. He played in high school at Marquette High School, was a three year starter, a three time All-Conference selection, led the team to three private school state championship finals, including winning the 1975 final. Michael was selected both Team Captain and team MVP as a senior.

After playing for one year at Miami University of Ohio, Michael returned to Milwaukee and played with the Milwaukee Bavarian Major team from 1979 to 1984, being a key factor in their championship successes, including two trips to the U.S. National Amateur Cup finals in 1981 and 1982. In 1984 he signed with the Milwaukee Wave Indoor Profession team for their inaugural season.

In 1986 Michael returned to Wisconsin Major Division soccer with the Milwaukee Sports Club, which he lead until 2000, including a return to the U.S. National Amateur Cup finals in 1997. He has continued to play with the Milwaukee Sport Club Reserve team until 2007. In 2002 was part of a select team that reached the finals of the U.S. Veterans Cup (Over 40).

In addition to his playing, Michael has coached youth club soccer for both Mequon United and Brookfield SC, coached high school at both Nicolet and Dominican High Schools, and adults with the Milwaukee Sport Club.
Stefan Heffner (b. Germany), Overall, Racine SC

He currently resides in Racine, WI. Stefan "Steve" was born in Germany in 1931 and was an enthusiastic soccer player from an early age. He immigrated to the United States after World War II and eventually settled in the Racine area. His passion for the sport of soccer quickly drew Steve to the Racine Soccer Club, first as a player in the 1950's and later as a coach and administrator starting in the 1960's. Under his leadership the Racine SC was transformed into a soccer power that challenged the established teams for dominance by the early 1960's.

Having realized the benefits of immigration to the U.S. from post-war Europe, Steve worked with then Wisconsin Senator William Proxmire, to establish a successful program to bring to the U.S. deserving individuals and families from Europe. Mr. Heffner was tireless in his campaign to identify appropriate individuals, getting their immigration approved and most importantly, finding them employment in Southern Wisconsin upon their arrival. Many of these persons brought with them their love of the game and soccer skills with them. Wisconsin soccer benefited immensely from the talent and energy that flowed in as players and eventually coaches and administrators.
Stanisa Markovic (b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia), Coach, Racine Strikers SC

He currently resides in Racine, WI with his wife Jamie. Stanisa was born in Gracanica, Serbia, in then Yugoslavia in 1941. He learned the sport of soccer as a youth playing for Buducost of Valjevo, Serbia. After coming to the U.S. Milan played for UW-Parkside from 1969 to 1972. He played in the Wisconsin Major Division with the Milwaukee Serbian SC for ten years from 1967 to 1977. Milan finished his playing carer with the Racine Steel Castings team.

Stanisa began coaching at Saint Bonaventure High School in 1972. During his tenue at Saint Bonaventure the boy’s team won back-to-back state championships. From 1978 to 1985, Stanisa was the boy’s coach at Racine Horlick High School that won a greater Milwaukee area conference title and twice advanced to the Boy’s High School State Championship. Stanisa also coached club soccer at the adult level with the Racine Steel Castings and the United Serbians SC. Stanisa’s coaching has been recognized by his selection as a Racine County Coach of the Year and in 1982 awarded a medal by the Racine Journal Times newspaper.
Milan Misuta (b. Czechoslovakia, State Slovakia), Player/Coach, Bavarian SC

He currently resides in Boulder, CO. Mr. Misuta was born in Slovakia in 1943. His playing career began in 1953 at Slovan Solcany, first with the School Team and later with the Junior team in 1957 and the adult Division 1 team in 1959. In 1962, Milan began his professional playing career with Dukla Uherske Hradiste in Czechoslovakia. He also played for Iskra Partizanske and V.T.Z. Chomutov, both in Czechoslovakia. His last European professional team was Semperit Treiskerchen in Austria in 1973.

In 1974 and 1975 Milan played the Cleveland Stars in the American Soccer League and also with Slovak A.A. of Chicago. From 1975 to 1982 he played in Wisconsin with the Milwaukee Bavarians SC, including winning the 1976 USSF National Amateur Cup, and with the Milwaukee Sport Club and United Serbians. A career move to Colorado saw him finish his playing career with the Denver Kickers SC. Milan's talent as a player has been recognized throughout his career. He was a Regional Junior Select Team players from 1960 to 1962 in Slovakia. A Regional Adult Select Team player from 1964 to 66 in Czechoslovakia. A Chicago All-Star Team selection in 1975 and a Wisconsin All-Star Team selection in 1976.

Milan currently continues to participate in soccer as a coach in the Boulder, CO area as a club youth coach, high school coach and Head Coach for both the Men's and Women's teams at the University of Colorado.
Karen Toussaint (b. 1954, USA), Administrator, Referee Administration

She currently resides in Menomonee Falls, WI with her husband Noel. Karen was born in Chicago, IL in 1954. Karen began her career with the Wisconsin Soccer Association in 1970. Working with former WSA President Mike Kabanica for many years, she was the State Association's Secretary and Treasurer from 1970 until 2002, a tenure of 33 years. In 2001 Karen took the position of Office Administrator for the WSA State Referee's Unit. A position she currently still holds. For all those who have worked for and with the Wisconsin Soccer Association since 1970, Karen has been an invaluable source of knowledge and assistance. She has always been there, every ready to help and assist, and all to often, to help solve the problems that always occur.

With a total of 39 years of state level administrative service to Wisconsin soccer, Karen is one a very few long serving individuals who have directly participated in the growth and development of club soccer in Wisconsin to the success that it is today.
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Jimmy Banks, Player, Bavarian SC

Currently resides in Milwaukee, WI. He was born in Milwaukee in 1964. His successful playing career in Wisconsin began with the Salvation Army, and included the Milwaukee Brewers, the Milwaukee Kickers, and the Milwaukee Bavarians Soccer Clubs. Jimmy was a High School All-American with Custer High School and a College All-American selection at UW-Parkside as a freshman and sophomore and an All-Midwest selection at UW-Milwaukee as a junior and senior. In 1987 he join the Milwaukee Wave indoor professional team. He continued a successful professional career as a member of the Milwaukee Wave from 1987 to 1993, including an All-Star selection in 1990. His playing skills were widely recognized as he was selected as a U.S. National Team member from 1987 to 1993, which included participation in the 1990 World Cup. Jimmy's leadership skill were evident through his selection as the Milwaukee Wave Team Captain from 1990 to 1993. He was a leader on the field with his superlative skills and an example and role model for those who saw him play. In addition to being a player, Jimmy has ALSO made an impact as a soccer coach. He has obtained an "A" License and coached at Concordia College and currently coaches at MSOE. He is an Olympic Development Program (ODP) regional coach and is currently coaching with the Milwaukee Kickers Academy. To expand the growth of soccer in the City of Milwaukee, Jimmy founded, with the Boys & Girls Club, the Jimmy Banks Soccer League in 1990.
Ian Davies, Player , Madison 56ers

Currently resides in Madison, WI with his wife Marta and son Jonathon. Ian was born in London, England in 1962. As a youth player, Ian was a London Schoolboys Select Team member. As a University player he was a London University Select Team choice. He played in the Amateur Football Association (AFA) and won two championships in 1979 and 1981. Ian played professionally for three years with Woking Town and Sutton United in the Isthmian Senior League from 1981 to 1984. In 1984 he moved to Madison, Wisconsin to attend graduate school at UW-Madison where he obtain his Doctorate Degree. He joined the Madison 56ers Soccer Club Major Team that year and embarked on a tremendously successful twelve year playing career, until retiring in 1996. Ian led the Madison 56ers to eleven consecutive WSA State finals, winning three Wisconsin Major Division titles, four State Open Cup Championships, and two State Amateur Cup titles in 1990 and 1992. The 56ers won the Region 2 Amateur titles both those years and advanced to the USSF national finals. In 1992, Ian was instrumental in the 56ers winning the USSF National Amateur Championship. He led them to three consecutive Region 2 Tournament of Champions titles in 1988, 1989, and 1990. In addition to playing, Ian coached the Madison 56ers Major team from 1989 to 1996. He coached at soccer camps for the UW-Madison and was a Region 2 Women's Regional Camp Coach from 1990 to 1992.
Joe Krzyzaniak, Referee, WSA Referee Unit

He currently resides in Greenfield, WI with his wife Dani. Joe was born in Milwaukee in 1955. He played soccer in Milwaukee area leagues as a youth and adult. In 1987 he became a USSF registered referee and as a State Level Referee he served for eleven years, until 1998 when he attained "National" level status. As a National referee Joe officiated professional games for five years. He retired as a referee in 2003 to assume the responsibility of State Referee Administrator, a position he currently holds. Joe served as a National Referee Assessor for Major League Soccer officials. He also continues to serve as the Lead Assessor at National Tournaments throughout the county. Joe has been instrumental in the growth and development of referee ranks in Wisconsin with 20 years of service in the administration, training and assessment of Wisconsin's game officials.
Dr. Rade Latinovic, DDS (b. 1959, USA), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Currently resides in Brookfield, WI with his wife Biljana. Rade was born in Milwaukee in 1959. He began his playing career as a youth player for the Milwaukee Serbian Soccer Club and eventually with their Major Division team. Rade also played for Marquette University from 1978 to 1981 With the Milwaukee Serbian's, Rade led them to three Wisconsin Major Division in 1984, 1986 and 1987 and four Wisconsin Challenge Cup Championships in 1978, 1987, 1992 and 1998 and Indoor Championship in 1977 as well as National Open Cup quarter final in 1984

He was widely recognized by his peers for his playing skills and was selection to the Wisconsin All-Star Team for nine years from 1982 to 1990. Rade was also selected four times as a Wisconsin representative to the North team at the U.S. Sports Festival from 1984 to 1987.

Miroslav Rokvic, Player, United Serbian

He currently resides in Muskego, WI. Mr. Rokic was born in Drvar, Yugoslavia in 1954 and where he began playing youth soccer. "Miro" immigrated to Wisconsin and attended UW-Milwaukee from 1973 to 1977. He was instrumental in reviving the UW-Milwaukee soccer program. He also began playing for the United Serbians S.C. in 1973, where he played for the Major Division team for 16 years. As a prolific goal scorer, Miro led the United Serbians to numerous Wisconsin Challenge Cup championships, indoor titles, and State Championships in 1973 and 1980. Miro's skills as a forward were widely recognized and he was selected as a Wisconsin All-Star six times.
David Scherer, Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

He currently resides in Germantown, WI with his wife Lana and sons David and Michael. David was born in Milwaukee in 1958. He began his youth playing career with the Brewers S.C. from the age of 8 to 17. He played for James Madison High School from 1973 to 1976, which he led to a city conference championship in 1975. In 1974 and 1975 he was the team MVP and All Conference selection. During this period David, David played with the Milwaukee Bavarians on both the U19 and Major Division teams. As a Bavarian, he helped win four state championships and a Midwest Championship in 1977. David was a four-year starter for UW-Milwaukee, from 1976 to 1980. He was selected Team Captain, and defensive MVP as a senior. In 1979 David began an eleven-year association with the Milwaukee Sport Club, where he Captain the Major team for seven years. His leadership brought the club State Amateur and Open championships. His skills and tireless work rate was recognized by his peers with multiple Major Division All-Star selections. David started coaching soccer with Shorewood High School in 1980 as the Varsity Head Coach for the boys until 1990 and girls from 1981 to 1982. He became the Wauwatosa West High School Varsity Head Coach for both the Boys and Girls in 1993 through 2006. David's Wauwatosa West teams have won seven Boys Woodland Conference championship and five Girls conference championship.
Nick Schimpf, Overall, Milwaukee Sport Club

Currently resides in Dousman, WI with his wife Helen. Nick was born in the Croatia, in then Yugoslavia in 1928. He began his playing career there and later in Linz, Austria, where he developed a life long love for the sport of soccer. Injury prematurely ended Nick's playing career but not his passion for the sport. He brought his love of soccer to Wisconsin in the early 1950's and in 1953 joined the new Milwaukee Sport Club, where he has been an officer and member for 53 years. Mr. Schimpf was instrumental in the development and success of the Milwaukee Rampage A-League professional team and assumed sole ownership of the franchise in 2000. He has been a generous sponsor and supporter of the growth and development of the sport, with the Milwaukee Sport Club and with the Waukesha County Rampage.
Fritz Weiler, Player, Bavarian SC

He resided in Milwaukee, WI with his wife Marise. Mr. Weiler was born in Ubstadt, Germany in 1950 where he played youth soccer with F.V. Ubstadt. Fritz immigrated to Waukesha in 1964 after the death of his parents, where he played youth soccer for the Waukesha Continentals. In 1968, he joined the Milwaukee Bavarians' Major team where he played for 17 years. As a midfielder for the Bavarians, Fritz led them to numerous Major Division, State Amateur and Open Cup championships and in 1976 to the USSF National Amateur Championship. Fritz was widely recognized for his tremendous work rate and tireless running in midfield and his ability to enable his teammates to maximize their effectiveness.
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Tim Alioto, Player, Bavarian SC

Currently resides in Colgate, WI with his wife Mina and children Kristine and Dana. He was born in Milwaukee in 1958. His successful playing career in Wisconsin was primarily with the Milwaukee Bavarians, but included the Milwaukee Sport Club and Milwaukee Serbians. His state league teams were highly successful, winning a National Championship with the Milwaukee Bavarians, 9 State Major Division Championships and 8 Indoor Championships. He continued that success as a member of the Milwaukee Wave Indoor professional team from 1986 to 1990. His playing skills were widely recognized as he was selected to the 1980 US Olympic Development Team. Tim was a leader on the field with his superlative skills and an example and role model for those who saw him play.
Tom Alioto, Player/Coach, Mequon United

Currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with his wife Amy and son Evan Thomas. Tom was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1958. He has been successful both as a player and a coach in the top levels of amateur and professional soccer. As a player he led every team he played with to numerous Major Division and State National Cup Championships; including the Milwaukee Bavarians, Milwaukee Serbians, Milwaukee Sport Club, and Mequon United. His playing skills were recognized by his peers with several All Star and Regional Team selections. Tom also played professionally for a number of professional indoor and outdoor teams, including the indoor Kansas City Comets and Milwaukee Wave, and the outdoor NASL Chicago Sting and the Milwaukee Rampage. Where he was selected as an A League All-Star. His coaching career overlapped his playing career with stints at Fort Wayne, Indiana as well as the Wave and Rampage. He coached Mequon United to State and Regional Open Cup Championships.
Ben Bavinck, Overall, Fox Valley Bombers

Currently resides in Appleton, WI with his wife Jude. Ben was born in the Netherlands and began this playing career there. He brought his love of soccer to Wisconsin were he played for years with the Fox Valley Bombers and the Oshkosh Soccer Club. He was regularly selected to regional All-Star and select teams to represent the area as one of its top players. He soon began coaching both youth and adult teams and for many years has provided the region with coaching leadership. Ben became involved in the promotion and organization of soccer in the Fox River Valley area. He has organized many area youth programs, including boy's soccer at St. Mary's High School. He has organized and directed many youth soccer camps to promote the growth and development of the sport. With the growth of soccer, Ben has taken on the administrative responsibilities for a variety of programs, both youth and adult. His leadership and commitment to the sport of soccer at all levels has been critical to growth and development soccer has had in the Fox River Valley area.
Peter Knezic (b. 1959, Milwaukee, WI), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Currently resides in Cudahy, WI with his wife Annie and six children, Stevan, Katrina, John, Timmy, Gabriella, and Daniella. Peter was born in Milwaukee in 1959.

He began his playing career as a youth player for the Milwaukee Serbian Soccer Club in 1967 and eventually with their Major Division team. He led them to three Wisconsin Major Division in 1984, 1986 and 1987 and two Wisconsin Challenge Cup Championships in 1978 and 1987 and National Open Cup quarter final in 1984. Peter was widely recognized by his peers for his playing skills including selection to the Wisconsin All-Star Team for 10 years from 1979 to 1989. He was a First Team All-American and Team Captain for UW-Milwaukee. Following college Peter had a ten-year professional indoor playing career with the Chicago Horizon, Oklahoma City Slickers, and the Milwaukee Wave, where in addition to playing, he served as Team Captain, Assistant Coach, and final as the General Manager. In addition to coaching the Wave, Peter has coached high school boys and girls at Waukesha Catholic Memorial, Brookfield East, and Brookfield Central. He's coached amateurs with the Milwaukee Serbian Soccer Club and the Milwaukee Kickers, where he was Director of Coaching. He is currently active with F.C. Milwaukee.
Mark LaPorte, Player, Madison 56ers

He currently resides in Delafield, WI. Mark has three children, Dominick, Elise, and Michael. Mark was born in Milwaukee in 1961. He started play with the Milwaukee Kickers in 1969 and won numerous WSA Youth State Champions. In high school Mark was an All City and McDonalds All-American goalkeeper at Milwaukee Riverside. In college at UW-Madison he was Team Captain, three times Team MVP, two-time All Mid-East selection and was picked to play in the College Senior Bowl All-Star Game. As an amateur Mark led the Madison 56ers and Milwaukee Serbians to five State Championships. With the Madison 56ers Mark also led them to one Amateur and three State Open Cup Championships, two Region 2 Tournament of Champions Championships, a National Amateur Cup Region 2 Championship and a National Semi-finalist placing in 1990. In addition to being an outstanding Goalkeeper for two decades, Mark was noted for his on and off the field leadership and enthusiasm for the sport of soccer.
Dr. James Mullen, Player, Madison 56ers

He currently resides in Hazelhurst, WI with his wife Diane and sons Keegan and Kieran. Jim was born in College Station, Texas in 1957. He began his senior playing career in soccer at the age of 15 as a player for the Madison Soccer Club in 1972, which he led to a league championship at age 17. As a three-year starter for the UW-Madison he was the midfield leader and a leading goal scorer, Team Captain, team MVP, All-State selection in 1978 and 1979, and an annual All-Tournament selection. As a midfielder with the Madison 56ers, Jim provided the midfield leadership in leading them to the top of the WSA Major Division and multiple State and Cup Championships. His skills and tireless work rate was recognized by his peers with multiple regional All-Star selections. In addition to playing soccer, Jim earned a position on the U.S. National Speed Skating Team for six years, skating with Eric Heiden, including participation in the 1980 and 1984 Olympic Trails. Jim started coaching soccer will at the UW-Madison as an Assistant Coach at Memorial High School and then as the Head Coach for both boys and girls at Madison Edgewood HS. He was a UW-Madison Men's Assistant Coach and regularly selected as both a Madison and Wisconsin youth teams Select Team Coach. After Medical School Jim continued his soccer participation as the Medical Director for Teams USA, traveling to Europe and the Soviet Union.
Robert Newberry, Referee, Madison Chargers

He currently resides in Madison, WI with his wife Nancy and daughters Anna and Elsbeth. Bob was born in Burbank, California in 1945. He played Goalkeeper in the Capital Division for 10 years with the Madison Chargers from 1969 to 1979. Once done playing Bob coached youth soccer and began refereeing local games. In 1980 he became a USSF registered referee and as a State Level Referee he served for twenty years, until 2000. He has continued to serve as a Emeritus Referee up to the present. Bob served as a Referee Assessor from 1995 to 2003 and became a State Referee Assessor in 2001, which he still performs. In addition, he assumed the responsibility of being a Referee Instructor in 2000, which he also continues to perform. Bob has been instrumental in the growth and development of referee ranks in Wisconsin with over 20 years of service in the administration, training and assessment of Wisconsin's game officials.
Bill Sandoval, Administrator, Club Latino

He currently resides in Milwaukee, WI with his wife Susan and three children, Marie, Bill and Dennis. Mr. Sandoval was born in Milwaukee, WI in 1939. Bill has been active in the sport of soccer in the Milwaukee area for over fifty years. He has been a youth coach and club administrator for Club Latino for over 15 years, including serving as President for 10 years. Bill has worked tirelessly for the development and promotion of youth soccer in the Milwaukee Metro area. He was responsible for the start and growth of the Journey House Youth Soccer League, which provides 1200 youth from 7 to 15 years old with the opportunity to play soccer. He continues to serve as a Board Member. He was worked to expand the number of certified youth coaches and referees to serve the needs of youth soccer. Bill has provided outstanding leadership to Wisconsin soccer for years as the Wisconsin Adult Soccer Association Vice-President and Region 2 Delegate. He has also provided legal representation for the Wisconsin Soccer Association. In addition he has taken on the responsibilities of serving as the Wisconsin Soccer Association Vice-President. In his love for the sport of soccer and willingness to devote countless hours of service to its furtherance, William Sandoval has been a vital leader and servant of the Wisconsin Soccer Association.
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2006 Hall Of Fame Banquet photos

Annibale Cesarini, Player, Verdi SC

Currently resides in Cudahy, WI with his wife Antonia. Mr. Cesarini was born in Italy in 1947. He began his successful playing career in Sicily from1964 to 1969 as a junior and later a senior player. His teams were successful, including winning the prestigious Copa Mineo. He continued that success after coming to Milwaukee as a valued member of the Verdi Sport Club and one of the top players in the WSA Major Division for sixteen years from 1970 to 1986. His playing skills were widely recognized as he was selected four times to the Major Division's All-Star Team. Mr. Cesarini was a leader on the field with his superlative skills and an example and role model for those who saw him play. In addition to his playing experience, he has given back to the community as a volunteer at St. Philip's and coach at Cudahy High School.
Wolfgang Koch, Player, Milwaukee Brewers SC

Currently resides in Nashotah, WI with his wife Anna and son Karsten. Mr. Koch ws born in Hamburg, Germany in 1941. He began his successful playing career in Germany. After coming to Wisconsin in the 1960's, Wolfgang embarked on a twenty year playing career, mostly in the Wisconsin Major Division. After one year playing for the Milwaukee Sports Club, Wolfgang played-out his career with the Milwaukee Brewers Soccer Club. As the anchor to the Brewers' defense, he led the team to numerous Major Division and Indoor Championships. Mr. Kochs skills were recognized by his peers with several State All Star Team selections. He received national recognition with selection to the USA Olympic Team roster.
Dusan Kresovic (b.May 14, 1944, Benkovac, Yugoslavia - d. March 10, 2013), Player, United Serbian SC

Currently resides in Bell, Florida with his wife Jo Ann. Mr. Kresovic was born in Yugoslavia, now Croatia, in 1944. Before coming to Wisconsin, Dusan played for six years for teams in the Yugoslavian Soccer Federation's Premier League from 1960 to 1965. In Wisconsin Mr. Kresovic played in the Major Division, mostly with the United Serbian Soccer Club, for eighteen years beginning in 1967. Dusan was a leader for the United Serbian team throughout this period. His playing skills received national recognition with his selection to the 1972 USA Olympic Team roster. In addition to playing, Dusan has coached at the youth and adult levels, and served as a Metro referee.
Vojkan (Wally) Popovic
(b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Currently resides in Las Flores, California with his wife Nada. Mr. Popovic was born in Yugoslavia, now Serbia, in 1938. He began his playing career as a youth in 1950 with SLOGA Kraljevo and quickly moved up to the Serbian First Division. Upon coming to Wisconsin, Wally became a player for the Milwaukee Serbian Soccer Club in 1955 and lead them to Wisconsin Major Division and Wisconsin Challenge Cup Championships in 1957, 1958, 1959 and 1962. Wally was an on-field leader and was widely recognized by his peers for his playing skills including selection to the Wisconsin All-Star Team in 1958 and 1959.
Sirous Samy, Overall, Milwaukee Kickers FC

He currently resides in Vancouver, Washington with his wife Elfriede. Mr. Samy was born in Iran in 1940. He came to Wisconsin in the early 1960's and quickly embarked on a career of promoting the sport of soccer that will impact future players for years to come. He has been a successful coach at every level of Wisconsin soccer - youth, college, and adult. Mr. Samy's greatest contribution to the sport and to the state was his leadership and drive to provide future players with playing opportunities of the highest quality. Beginning in 1964 with the founding of the UW-Platteville soccer program and the Milwaukee Kicker Soccer Club, the largest in the nation, in 1968. More recently Sirous was instrumental in the founding of the FMI Youth Soccer Club and the Hub Horizon Youth Soccer Club. Generations of youth players have benefited from Sirous Samy's accomplishments. His gifts to Wisconsin soccer will continue to give far into the future.
Emmeric Strigens (b.1939, Hungary), Overall, Bavarian SC, Milwaukee Sport Club, 2006

He was born in 1939 in Hungary, relocated to Germany in 1946 and immigrated to the USA in 1952. In 1956 he joined the Bavarian Soccer Club where he played a key role as an attacking forward for the Bavarian Majors from 1959 to 1963 and won four consecutive Wisconsin State championships and numerous Indoor and Cup championships with them. In 1964 he joined the Milwaukee Sport Club where his Major Division career ended in 1968. Thereafter he became very active with the administrative end of the Sport Club and served several terms as president and other Board positions. During his 40 plus year association with the MSC he worked very closely with past Wisconsin Soccer Association presidents and others in a never ending endeavor to promote the sport of Soccer.

Donald Wilson, Administrator, FMI SC

He currently resides in Brookfield, WI with his wife Kate. Mr. Wilson was born in Kentland, Indiana in 1943. He is best know as the founder and long time administrator of the FMI Soccer Club which provided a large number of kids with a quality soccer experience that many might not have otherwise had. He is also well known for the influential role he played in obtaining the financing for the Brookfield soccer field complex, which has benefited the area's soccer community. Mr. Wilson has been great supporter of the Wisconsin Soccer Association, aiding in the growth and development of both the youth and adult soccer programs.
Thomas Zaiss, Coach, Bavarian SC

He currently resides in Mequon, WI with his wife Kim and two children, Ashley and Renee. Mr. Zaiss was born in New York City in 1968. After his family moved to Wisconsin, Tom had a successful playing career as a youth with the Milwaukee Kickers and the Milwaukee Bavarians, in high school at Whitefish Bay and in college at the University of Connecticut. As a coach, Mr. Zaiss has obtained the highest levels available, the NSCAA National Advanced License and the USSF A license. He has had great success at every level. He coached both the boys and girls soccer teams from Whitefish Bay High School to the WIAA State Tournament. His Milwaukee Bavarian coached youth teams have also been very successful. Mr. Zaiss's most notable achievements have been as a senior amateur coach. He led the Milwaukee Bavarians to three National Amateur Cup National Championships in 2001, 2002, and 2003. A first in Wisconsin history. He also led them to a National USASA Open Cup Championship in 2003. The first time a Wisconsin team has won this national championship. The double national cup championships in 2003, another first in Wisconsin, that hasn't been achieved for nearly forty years.
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2005 Hall Of Fame Banquet photos

Amadou Diagne Amadou Diagne, Player, Madison 56ers

He currently resides in Elkins Park, PA with his wife Alexanda. Amadou was born in Saint Louis, Senegal in 1951, and began his playing career on local area teams. In 1971 he game to Wisconsin and began playing for Shorewood Soccer Club of Madison leading them to a regional and state championships. Amadou was one of the most gifted goal scorers to ever play in the Madison area and was selected to every regional All-Star Team named by the WSA Capital Region. In 1979 he began play in the WSA Major Division with the Madison 56ers and immediately made his mark as one of the best goal scorers in Wisconsin. He led the Madison 56ers in scoring for five years in the mid-1980's, totaling 91 goals and 50 assists in eight years of play in the WSA Major Division. His outstanding play, his leadership and example, aided the Madison 56ers in winning first conference championships and eventually Major Division championships.
Milorad Grozdanic (b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Currently resides in Altadena, CA. Milorad was born in Serbia, in 1925. He began his successful playing career as a goalkeeper after World War II in Germany from 1946 to 1950. He continued that success after coming to Milwaukee as a valued member of the Serbian Sport Club and one of the top goalkeepers in Wisconsin's from 1951 to 1958. Milorad led Serbian Sport Club to the state championships in 1953, 1954, 1956, 1957, and 1958, and the Challenge Cup State Championship in 1956, 1957, 1958, and 1959. Milorad was a leader on the field with his superlative skills and an example and role model for those who saw him play.
Rick Kelps Richard Kilps, Coach/Player, Polonia SC & WSA

Currently resides in Racine, WI with his wife Mary and son Derek. Rick was born in Milwaukee in 1951. He played youth and later adult soccer in both Milwaukee and Racine, including four years as a starter at UW-Parkside. After graduating from UW-Parkside, Rick began his coaching career. He was an Assistant Coach at both Parkside and Bowling Green State University and Head Coach at Aurora College and at UW-Parkside from 1984 to the present. As one of the top college coaches in the mid-west, Rick has given generously of his time and effort to the development of soccer though-out Wisconsin. He has given youth soccer clinics and coaching clinics; directed State Coaching Licensing Schools, hosted youth indoor and outdoor soccer tournaments, high school tournaments, and for adult men and women. His contributions were recognized with a WSA Meritorious Service Award in 1994.
Hayden Knight, Player, Bavarian SC & NASL

Currently resides in Cedarburg, WI with his wife Debbie. Hayden was born in Trinidad in 1957. He played his college soccer at Marquette University and was an amateur player with the Bavarian Soccer Club of Milwaukee. Hayden was one of just a few Wisconsin players who had played professionally in the North American Soccer League during the 1980's. He had a distinguished professional career with the Edmonton Drillers, Atlanta Chiefs, Montreal Manic, San Jose Quakes, and Chicago Sting. He also played with the Milwaukee Wave in the MISL.
Donald Lord, Player, Milwaukee Brewers SC

Currently resides in Neenah, WI with his wife Lynn. Donald was born in Lacrosse, WI in 1953. He moved to Milwaukee in the early 1960's and began playing with the Milwaukee Brewers Soccer Club as a youth. Donald was an on-field leader for all the teams he played for - UW-Milwaukee, Brewers, and later in his career with the Oshkosh Pepsi. Donald was widely recognized by his peers for his playing skills.
Jim Patterson, Administrator, WSA Referee Unit

Currently resides in Appleton, WI with his wife Patricia. Jim was born in New York City in 1929. He began his career as a soccer referee in Wisconsin in 1980 and quickly established himself as one of the states' most reliable, dependable, and affective game officials. In addition to his years as a game official, Jim soon became a referee instructor where he has spent eighteen years developing new officials to meet the growing demand. He has been a Referee Assessor for fourteen years, four as a State Assessor, in the quest to improve the quality and performance of Wisconsin's referees. Jim has also invested fifteen years in a leadership capacity as a Referee Unit Administrator.
Edwin Rack, Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

He currently resides in Menomonee Falls, WI with his wife Astrid. Eddy was born in Slovenia in 1939. He began his playing career as a youth in Austria. He came to Milwaukee in 1956 and quickly became a raising star with the Milwaukee Sport Club where he played in the WSA Major Division from 1958 until 1974. He was a major contributor to their success during these years. Edwin displayed the technical skills and superior tactical understanding of the game that had him regularly selected to WSA Select and All-Star teams.

Peter Saemann, Overall, Bavarian SC

Peter currently resides in Menomonee Falls, WI with his wife Enika. He was born in Germany in 1943. He began his involvement with soccer as a player and then as a coach of both youth and senior teams while in Germany. Peter came to Milwaukee in 1978 and immediately resumed his coaching activities. He quickly became recognized as one of the Milwaukee areas better and most enthusiastic coaches, being honored as the 1990 WSA Coach of the Year. Peter has invested nineteen years as a Wisconsin Olympic Development Program (ODP) coach to assist in the development of youth soccer in Wisconsin. He has also served for years as a Milwaukee Metro Youth District official, including as President in support and promotion of the sport.
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2004 Hall Of Fame Banquet photos

Mary Clarksen, Administrator, WYSA

Mary currently resides in Waukesha, WI. A founder of Spring City Soccer Club in 1982, Mary soon expanded her role to becoming the Metro Youth District Administrator, Secretary/Treasurer, WYSA State Board Member, and most notably as the Metro Youth District Registrar. Under Mary's guidance, the WYSA youth soccer program has successfully addressed the issues of growing from 11,000 to over 67,000 registered players. In addition to player registrations, tracking recording player insurance claims, club's and officer's demographic data, and officials information, are some of the many record keeping and communications challenges that Mary has successfully met to ensure the WYSA current success. Mary is also representing Wisconsin nationally as a committee member of the USYSA Registrars and the Midwest Regional Registrars to work with other state associations to help implement registration procedures.
Tony Davis, Player, Madison 56ers & Bavarian SC

Currently resides in Ontario, Canada. Tony was born in England, in 1941. He began his successful soccer-playing career in England. He continued that success while in Canada, and during the his years in Wisconsin he played with some of the top club teams in the state, including the Milwaukee Bavarians, Madison 56ers, and Milwaukee Sports Club. Tony has led his teams to many state, regional, and tournament championships. Based on his playing skills, Tony was often selected to local and regional All-Star teams both here in Wisconsin and in Canada. His on the field leadership ability has benefited all his teams. He has also coached club and collegiate soccer teams, including UW-Platteville.
Heinz Eder, Referee, WSA Referee Unit

Currently resides in Glendale, WI. Heinz was born in Munich, Germany. Heinz played amateur soccer in Munich, before coming to Milwaukee in 1959, where he played for the Milwaukee Sports Club. He began his long and successful career as a soccer referee in 1960, with the WSA, and he continues to referee today, 43 years later. He has refereed in every league in Wisconsin, from youth to adult, to semi-pro, high school and college. Heinz has been assigned to officiated many of the most important play-off, championship, and National Cup games, and has for years been a valued member of Wisconsin's soccer referee fraternity.
Heinz Kiefer (b. 1929, Germany, deceased), Player, Bavarian SC

Currently resides in Cudahy, WI. Heinz was born in Karlsrude, Germany in 1929. He was a long time player with Bavarian Soccer Club in the 1950's, 60's and 70's. He was a major contributed to the Bavarian State championship teams of that period. Heinz also coached the Bavarian Major and youth teams.
Joseph Ludan (b. 1933, Hungary), Overall, Hugarian Tigers

Currently resides in Wauwatosa, WI. Joseph was born in Hungary in 1933, immigrated to Milwaukee in 1948 and began playing with the Hungarian Tigers. Behind his leadership on and off the field, the Tigers became one of elite teams in the Major Division. Joseph was widely recognized by his peers for his playing skills. Later in his career he played with the Bavarian SC, Victoria SC, Milwaukee Kickers, and was named WSA Manager of the year in 1974. He has also coached several youth teams and worked with the WSA, in several capacities
Stanimir Nedic Stanimir (Stanko) Nedic (b. 1929, Yugoslavia, State Serbia, deceased), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Currently resides in Santa Barbara, CA. Stanimir was born in Bitolj, Yugoslavia in 1929. He played First Division soccer in Yugoslavia and Austria from 1950 to 1956. In 1956 he immigrated to Wisconsin and became a key part of the Serbian Sports Club that won numerous Major Division and Challenge Cup championships. He was named to the WSA All Star team, several times. In 1956 helped his team make it to the final 4 in the U.S. Amateur Cup. Since moving to California he has coached and officiated high school, college, and amateur games.
Milorad (Mitch) Pavlovic (b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

He currently resides in Cudahy, WI. Mitch was born in Yugoslavia in 1941. He played with Serbian Soccer Club Major team for 18 years, being a primary contributor to their winning several Major Division and Challenge Cups championships. After his playing career, Mitch coached the Serbian S.C. to the U.S. Open Cup final 8 in 1977. Mitch has also officiated in Wisconsin for 18 years including many championship and National Cup games.

Michael Zawada (b.1933, Milwaukee, WI), Administrator, WSA

Michael currently resides in Eau Claire, WI. He was born in Milwaukee in 1933. Mike has served on the WSA Board since 1980. He was a youth coach for various clubs and an assistant coach at Thomas Moore High School. He has willingly assumed the most challenging and difficult responsibilities needed to support and promote the success of the WSA. Mike has served as the Major/Reserve/Metro Divisions Registrar and Games Commissioner, as WASA President, as a delegate to the US Soccer Federation, and as a member of the USASA Region II Appeals Committee.
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Milan (Srba) Bujic, Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee
Debra Treichel Duerst, Player, Madison 56ers
Dmitar "Mich" Jovic (b. Yugoslavia), Referee/Player, Wisconsin Referee Unit & United Serbian

Mich started playing soccer in Yugoslavia. He imigrated to Milwaukee and he has spent much of his life as a machinist and involved in soccer, supporting the Wisconsin Soccer Association and United Serbian SC. He has played for the United Serbian SC.

He currently is on the Hall Of Fame committee, referee soccer games, assesses referees and is on the discipline committee for the Wisconsin Adult Soccer Association. He has wife and two sons. Stoy is actively involved in coaching and playing soccer in the first division.
Attila Meszaros, Player, Hungarian Tigers & Milwaukee Sport Club

Jeff Roberts, Player, Madison 56ers
Franz Strigenz, Player, Bavarian SC

Franz was born in 1937 in Csibrak, Hungary. He and his wife Martha, currently reside in Brookfield, WI. Franz started playing organized soccer at the age of 15 in Obervellmar (Kassel), Germany. At the age of 17, with only two years of Junior League experience, the Club recognized his talent and promoted him to Obervellmar's "First Team" which competed in the German "A" League.

In 1957 he and his family immigrated to the USA and settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Shortly after his arrival, Franz was recruited by the Bavarian SC who immediately signed him for the Major Division Team. By 1959, a few additional Junior members moved up to the Major Division and with Franz's leadership a mini Soccer Dynasty was started by the Bavarians.

Franz led the team to seven consecutive Wisconsin State Championships from1960 through 1966, as well as numerous Indoor, Amateur, and Open Cup championships. His ball-handling skills and scoring prowess were second to none. Franz was also the PK specialist and missed only two PKs in his 10 year Major League career.

During his career with the Bavarian S.C., Franz was selected to the Wisconsin All-Star team 10 consecutive years … a record that still stands. Franz was one of the most skilled soccer players in Wisconsin. He was highly respected for his talent as well as his "fair-play" …. He was never "red-carded" during his entire soccer career.
Ken Voigt, Administrator, WYSA & Brookfield S.C.
Hans Werner (deceased), Player, Oshkosh Sports Club
2002 - 20th Annual Banquet «
Hans Hubmann (deceased), Overall, Racine SC
Egon Muelder, Player, Milwaukee Brewers SC

Joseph Orr, Player, Bavarian SC
Will Peters, Administrator, WSA Referee Unit
Alexander Schulko (b. 1937, Zemun-Beograd, Serbia), Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

Alex was born in 1937 in Zemun-Beograd, Serbia. He currently resides in Brookfield, WI with his wife Erika to whom he has been married for 42 years.

His love of the game started in his childhood years when he played "barefoot soccer" in the streets of Belgrade, Serbia. He remembers playing his first game with real Soccer shoes when he started playing for "Red Star Belgrade's" Junior teams as a youngster. The experience at "Red Star" gave him a solid foundation for his future soccer success.

In 1954, Alex moved to Germany where he continued his soccer dream with SPF Neckarsulm, a top level Amateur Soccer Club, where he played over 300 games and received numerous recognition awards for his accomplishments.

In 1968, he and his wife Erika and son Thomas immigrated to the USA and settled in Milwaukee, WI. He joined the Milwaukee Sport Club Majors in 1968 and led them to numerous Cup and Tournament championships. He was selected to several Wisconsin All-Star teams and ended his Major Division career in 1977. Although Alex played the majority of his Major Soccer career with the Sport Club, he also played for the Milwaukee Brewers Soccer Club during the 1971/1972 season where he led the team to the Major Division Indoor title.

Alex's Major Division Soccer career ended in 1977, however, his passion for soccer never diminished. He coached Youth Soccer teams of different age groups at the Milwaukee Sport Club and continued playing with the MSC 2nd team and later-on with the MSC "Old-Timers".
Robert Spielman, Player/Coach, Bavarian SC

Milan Sulejic (b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee
Gerd Voelker, Player, Milwaukee Brewers SC
2001 - 19th Annual Banquet «

2001 Hall Of Fame Banquet photos

Fred Begale (b. Berlin, Germany), Player/Coach, Milwaukee Sport Club

Fred played over 500 games for Milwaukee Sports Club from 1954 till 1976. 17 times selected to the Wisconsin All Star team. In addition to coaching the Milwaukee Sports Club, he coached at St. John's Military Academy, UW Waukesha and Lake County Hartland, winning many state championships.

Mario Ferrise (b. Italy), Referee, Verdi SC

Mario played with Verdi Sport Club in the 60's, before joining the Wisconsin Referee Association in 1968, where he has officiated major league games and Collegiate and High School games for over 25 years. He is currently serving as referee assessor, a position he has held since 1989.
Karl Friedrich (b. Yugoslavia), Player, Racine SC

Karl played for 33 years with the Racine Soccer Club, winning several state championships in the major league. He was an all star forward and midfielder. He was WSA rookie of the year in 1959. He also coached girls' teams with the Milwaukee Kickers, indoor and outdoor, winning several championships.

Tony Kreidl, Jr. (b. Griesbach/Rottal, Germany, d. 1993), Player, Bavarian SC

Tony passed away July 23, 1993, after an illustrious career with the Bavarian Soccer Club, as a full back and stopper. He began playing in the major league at age 16 and he was a member of the Bavarian team in 1976, which won the National Cup. He received a US Soccer national coaching license.
Klaus Kroner (b. Erlangen, Germany), Overall, Central Wisconsin

Born in Erlangen, Germany, he began his soccer career in 1950, and continued to play in Denmark, New York, Madison, WI and the Stevens Point area. He received a US Soccer national coaching license and has been a soccer pioneer in the Central Wisconsin region, developing soccer by coaching and officiating.
Lorenz Mollgaard (b. Germany), Player, Milwaukee Brewers SC

Lorenz played all defense positions with the Milwaukee Brewers from 1962 till 1977, earning championships and spots on the WSA All Star teams. He continues to play in Reserve leagues. He also coached youth teams with the Milwaukee Brewers Soccer Club.
Frank Schuler (b. Burlington, WI, deceased), Player/Coach, Madison SC

An all star goalkeeper and defender with the Madison Soccer Club and the Milwaukee Brewers, also coached major league and first division teams, winning many state championships as a player and as a coach. He founded the Madison 56ers in 1956 and was instrumental in developing soccer in the Madison area.
Nenad Timarac (b. 1948, Beograd, Yugoslavia, State Serbia), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Nenad played with the Red Star Soccer Club, in Yugoslavia and the Serbian Soccer Club of Milwaukee, was a State all star in the 60's and 70's. He received a national coaching license from the US Soccer Federation and won several state championships throughout his career.
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Charles Billings(b. Marshfield, WI, d. 2011), Overall, WSA & Madison 56ers

Member of the WSA Board of Directors from 1981 till 1997, including stints as Commissioner for Capitol Region, WSA, State Women's League etc. Played soccer in France from 1962-1965 and Madison after that. Past president of Madison 56ers.
James Gibson (Belfast, Northern Ireland), Player, Racine SC

Played professional soccer with the Chicago Mustangs in the NASL from 1967-1970 and with Bavarians and Racine Soccer Club. Won 5 WSA Major League titles as a player. Jim started the UW Parkside varsity soccer program in 1969 where he coached several years.
Paul Kaponya (b. Milwaukee, WI, deceased), Player, Hungarian Tigers

Started soccer in 1929, with the Milwaukee Hungarian Tigers and starred as fullback. Later on, in the Major League, his team set a record for most consecutive state championships, which still stands today. He gave up track and football, while in High School, to play soccer.
Peter Koek (b. Holland), Player, Milwaukee Brewers SC

Starred as a fullback and forward with the Milwaukee Brewers, in the 70's and 80's, winning several indoor and outdoor state championships. He coached at Milwaukee Brewers and Milwaukee Kickers and holds a National Coaching license.
Hans Mueller (b. Hannover, Germany), Overall, Milwaukee Kickers

Played in Hannover and with the Milwaukee Kickers in the 70's and 80's. Coached Milwaukee Kickers and holds a National Coaching license. He was a member of the Kickers Board of Directors and was very instrumental in getting soccer in the High Schools.
Josef (Sepp) Scherer (b. 1931, Tscheb, Yugoslavia), Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

Started to play soccer in Austria in 1946. Josef played for a number of clubs over his long playing career: Weiss 11, Hungarian Tigers, Milwaukee Sport Club, Milwaukee Brewers . During his playing days he helped Milwauke Sport Club win the 1954 Cup Champion. He was on the 1st Team to beat Chicago and move on to Midwest Final with the Milwaukee Sport Club. In 1955 he was on the League Champion Milwaukee Sport Club.

He also played for the 1953 WSA All-Stars at County Stadium. The bulk of that team started for Milwaukee Sport Club in 1953.

He is currently retired, living in Germantown, watching his grandsons play sports and still helps out at the Milwaukee Sport Club.
Herb Schweinert (b. Germany), Player, Bavarian SC

Started to play youth soccer with the Bavarian Soccer Club in the 60's, in Milwaukee, and was a member of the US National team. He was a member of the Bavarian team that won the National Championship.
Rudy Weber (b. Ukraine, deceased), Overall, WSA

Played in Germany and Milwaukee and was selected to several all star teams. He started the varsity soccer program at MA TC, in 1968, winning 12 state championships. He served as games commissioner for the WSA Adult Division for many years.
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1999 Hall Of Fame Banquet photos

Golen Ami Amini (deceased), Coach, Spring City SC & FMI SC

He was one of the founding fathers of youth soccer in Waukesha County, building youth soccer and High School soccer programs, and coached the FMI Soccer Club. Active in youth soccer since the early seventies and still playing, he died of an untimely death at age 50.
Guenther Breede (b. Germany, deceased), Player, Bavarian SC

Born in Germany, where he played soccer from 1946 until his departure to Milwaukee in 1956. He played with the Milwaukee Brewers and Bavarians as well as in the Phoenix, AZ area. Selected to Wisconsin and Arizona All Star teams, he played against teams from all over the world.

Ian Huxley (b. England, deceased), Referee, WSA & Paper Valley SC

Born in England, widely known for his superior officiating skills. Instrumental in starting the Paper Valley and Fox Cities Youth Soccer Clubs, untimely death at age 51. Was a licensed referee in England for 10 years before immigrating to the USA.
Stanley Kaczmarek (b. Poland), Player/Coach, Polonia SC

Born in Poland, where he played in the Major Division from 1958-1968, where he was 4 times selected to a national all star team. Played for Po Ionia in Milwaukee for 8 years, honored with the top scorer title 3 times and was voted MVP by the Milwaukee Soccer radio And Press Ass 'n.
Anton Kreidl (b. Hungary), Overall, Bavarian SC

Born in Hungary, played soccer in Germany from 1946-1956 before moving to Milwaukee where he has been instrumental in the growth of soccer and the growth of the Bavarian Soccer Club, leading the Bavarians to the National championship in 1976.
Zach Papanikolaou (b. Greece), Player/Coach, Milwaukee Kickers

Born in Greece, attended UW Green Bay, where he led the nation in scoring, and UW Milwaukee. He played professional soccer in Greece for one year and is a United States Soccer Federation A licensed coach. He is currently Director of Coaching for the Elm Grove Division of the Milwaukee Kickers Organization.
Enrique Barbosa Perches (b. Mexico City, Mexico), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Born in Mexico City, MX, he played with Victoria Soccer Club, Milwaukee Serbians and Club Latino, where he scored many goals. He was the leading scorer at MATC for two years and won MVP honors at UW Milwaukee.
Zvonko Vujic (b. Croatia), Player, Croatian Eagles

Born in Croatia, started to play soccer at South Division H.S. in Milwaukee. Selected to Wisconsin All Star teams and starred as a striker for the Croatian Eagles till 1990. Selected to the American-Croatian All Star soccer team, playing against other nations in the USA and Canada.
1998 - 16th Annual Banquet «
Leslie Cseter (b. Hungary), Player, Hungarian Tigers & Racine SC

Leslie played on several State championship teams, including Racine S.C., Milwaukee Serbians and Tigers Soccer Club. He has been selected to several State all star teams, and coached youth soccer with the Old Milwaukee Brewers.
John Janasik (b. 1946, USA), Overall, Polonia SC & WSA

John was instumental is starting the TOPSoccer program and maintaining it. He has been a youth soccer coach, and has served in many capacities for the Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association, including editing the Wisconsin Soccer Post, as well as serving the national U.S. Soccer Federation on several committees.

John is currently president of the WSA.
Bruno Kriese (b. Germany), Overall, Milwaukee Brewers SC

Bruno was born in Germany where he grew up with the sport. After moving to the U.S.A. he played for the U.S. Army team and in 1958 joined the Old Milwaukee Brewers as a player. He has been a referee since 1966.
Andrew Krupa (b. Poland 1939, d. 2010), Player, Polonia SC

Andrew was born in Poland where he played in the major divisions in the early sixties before moving to Milwaukee, where he starred with,Polonia and the Old Milwaukee Brewers. He coached youth at Polonia, Old Milwaukee Brewers, Milwaukee Kickers and Greendale High School. He played for the Polonia SC during the 1969 Majors Championship
John Spielman (b. Germany), Player, Bavarian SC

John was born in Germany, but raised in Milwaukee where he played with the Bavarian Soccer Club. He played for the Wisconsin All Stars and was selected to the US American Team in 1965 and 1966. He was a member of the 1966 Junior National team. He coached at the youth and the High School level.
Milan ( 'Doc' ) Stojsavljevic, Player, United Serbians

He is a member of the United Serbians, played many years of professional soccer in the North American Soccer League and the Major indoor Soccer league in the U.S. and Canada. He has coached on the youth and senior level in Milwaukee.
Milan Vidakovich (b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia), Player/Coach, Serbian SC Milwaukee

He played with the Milwaukee Serbians, Milwaukee Kickers, Club Latino and UW Platteville and UW Milwaukee. He coached the Milwaukee Serbians, Concordia College and Brookfield East H.S., among others and coached many State championship teams.
Glen Ward (b. Milwaukee, WI), Player, Bavarian SC

He was a member of the Bavarian Soccer Club and was a member of the Pan American Olympic team. He and John Spielman both played or the Bavarian Soccer Club, when they won the national championship in 1976. He has a U.S. Soccer "B" coaching license.
Fred Werner (b. Germany), Overall, Fox Valley Bombers & Oshkosh SC

He has been very instrumental in getting soccer on the map, in Oshkosh, by getting thousands of youngsters in the program. He played with the Oshkosh Sport Club and the Fox Valley Bombers. He coached at the youth level and at Oshkosh West High School.
1997 - 15th Annual Banquet «

1997 Hall Of Fame Banquet photos

Olatunji "Tunji" Akiwowo (b. 1956, Nigeria), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee & Milwaukee Kickers

He started playing soccer in Nigeria as a yoth player and then a high School player.

Olatunji Akiwowo Started playing soccer with Milwaukee Kickers in 1976 until 1982. During that time, he was their All-Time Coring Leader and was a Wisconsin All-Star in 1981 and 1982. During that time, he attended UWM from 1978 to 1981 where he was a 4 year starter. While playing for UWM, he was the All-time scoring leader and he made the All Mid-East team in 1980 and 1981.

In 1983, he briefly played for the Tulsa Roughnecks (North American Soccer League - NASL) in the pre-season.

In 1984 through 1989, he played for the Milwaukee Wave. Playing outdoor, he played for the Serbian Soccer Club of Milwaukee. He was the All-time scoring leader and helped them take the State Champions in 1984, 1986 and 1987. He then coached them in 1989. He also lead the Serbians to the quarter final in National Open Cup in 1984.

He was also Wisconsin All-Star from 1984-1989. In 1987, he was also a member of the North Team in the US Olympic Sports Festival.

During 1991 to 1996, he played for the British Embassy Bulldogs in Washington, DC) at USSF Men Over-30 team and received the National Silver Medalist in1992.

During 1981 through 2004, he coached the following Youth Teams:
- Cedarburg Strikers - 1981 to 1985
- Tosa United - 1987
- Wauwatosa West High School (JV) - 1982 to 1983
- Sidwell Friends School, Washington, DC (Head Coach) - 1999 to 2003
- Mclean Wildcats - Washington Area Girls Soccer League - 1993 to 1999
- Mclean Eagles - National Capital Boys Soccer League - 1999 to 2004
Stephen Bartolic (deceased), Overall, Croatian Eagles

John Bisswurm, Overall, Bavarian SC

Joseph Dentice, Overall, Verdi SC
Victor Flegel, Player, Waukesha Continentals
George Foszpanczyk, Player, Polonia SC
Dan Harris, Coach, Milwaukee Kickers
Frank Hazi, Overall, Milwaukee Sport Club

Frank was born in 1937 in Hungary. He currently resides in Hartland, WI with his wife Kathy. Since soccer is the national sport of Hungary, Frank was exposed to it at a very early age and passionately pursued it as he went through the Hungarian Youth Soccer Program and into the Adult Soccer Leagues. In 1957, he and his wife Kathy immigrated to the United States. In 1959 they relocated to Milwaukee where he joined the Hungarian Tigers Major Soccer team. In 1967 he joined the Milwaukee Sport Club where he played a key role for the MSC Majors for several years. Following his Major League playing career, Frank obtained a U.S. National" C" Coaching license and coached the Sport Club's Major and Youth teams for several years. Finally, after his playing and coaching career ended, he joined the WSA Referee Unit where he remained active from 1979 to 1990 refereeing league games as well as WSA, High School and College championship games.

Jim Nash, Player/Coach, Paper Valley SC
Adam Notheis (b. Apatin, Yugoslavia, State Serbia, deceased), Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

1996 - 14th Annual Banquet «
Nick D'Amato (deceased), Overall, Verdi SC

Born in Italy. Played full back with Croatian Eagles, Tigers and Verdi Sport Club. Coached Verdi Sports Club for 25 years.
John Jesmok (deceased), Player, Falk

Born in Milwaukee. John played full back and center forward since the age of ten, with Hungarian Tigers, Falk Sport Club and Chicago Hansa.

Harry Kelderman, Player/Coach, Fox Valley Bombers

Born in Holland. Harry played with the Fox Valley Bombers and Oshkosh Titans. He coached at Youth Sports, Paper Valley SC, Lawrence University, Neenah HS.
Sigfried Radtke, Overall, WSA Referee Unit

Born in Poland. He played with the Croatian Eagles and the Bavarian S.C. Siegfried has been a referee for more than 25 years in Wisconsin Soccer Ass'n Leagues, High School and College Leagues.
Zdravko Ropac, Player, Croatian Eagles

Born in Zagreb, Croatia. Zdravko played with the Cleveland Croatians, Racine S.C. and Croatian Eagles. He played with Metalas N.K. In Croatia at age 15.
Gary Zindler, Overall, WYSA & Spring City SC

Born in Milwaukee. Gary has coached numerous boys and girls teams in Waukesha and has officiated at several levels. He founded Spring City S.C. He served WYSA in many capacities.
1995 - 13th Annual Banquet «
Carlos Alvarez (b. Columbia), Player, Polonia SC

Outstanding goalkeeper, played pro soccer in his native Columbia, before moving to the USA in 1965. In Milwaukee he has played with the Brewers, Polonia S.C., Milwaukee Serbians, and Racine S.C. He was a member of several Wisconsin All Star teams, State championship teams, following in his father's footsteps, who was known in Columbia as "EI Dorado De Columbia". He was also on 1969 Majors Champioship team, Polonia.

Guenther Heinrich (b. Germany, deceased), Player/Coach, Bavarian SC

Guenther played on the Bavarian SC from 1953 -1960. He was a Wisconsin All Star and also coached Major league Soccer. He served on the WSA's development committee and for the past forty years, and has been very active in the publicity of soccer, through newspapers and radio broadcasts.
Udo Hild (b. Germany), Player, Racine SC

Udo was an outstanding goalkeeper for more than 20 years with the Racine SC, Serbian SC of Milwaukee, and Milwaukee Brewers. He was a member of Wisconsin All Star teams, both indoor and outdoor, from 1964 to 1975. He was on the USA World Cup team in 1968. He was a "A" licensed US Soccer Coach.
Reinier (Dutch) Kemeling (b. Holland), Player, Racine SC

Dutch played with Racine SC, Milwaukee Brewers, and Serbian SC of Milwaukee. He was a Wisconsin All Star. Dutch was a National Soccer Coaches Association All American from 1960 to 1962 at Michigan State University and played international soccer, while in Military Service from 1956 to 1958. He coached the Racine S.C. Major teams.

He has published a book in 2003 called "Soccer Life of a Dutch Immigrant".
Boris Kuzmanovic (b. Croatia), Player, Croatian Eagles

Boris came to Milwaukee in 1962 and played with the Croatian Eagles for fifteen years, in addition to coaching youth and senior teams. Boris played major league soccer in Croatia with Lokomotiva, in Vienna with the Wiener Sport Club, and in West Germany with Friedrickshafen.
Emmerich Mueller (b. Austria), Referee, WSA Referee Unit & Polonia SC

Currently resides in Oak Creek, WI with his wife Patricia. Emmerich was born in Grabovci, Yugoslavia in 1935 but spent most of his childhood growing up in Austria.

Emmerich began playing youth soccer with Blau Elf soccer club in Wels, Austria at the age of 13. Emmerich immigrated to the US in 1956. Shortly after immigrating, Emmerich starting playing with Polonia soccer club and continued to play Polonia until 1961. In 1962, Emmerich passed the referee exmaination and swiched from being a player to being a referee. Emmerich continued to referee for 30 years, from 1962 until 1992. Emmerich began his refereeing career with Wiconsin Soccer Association, refereeing high school, under 19, reserves, majors and several internation games (primarily teams from Germany). In 1995 Emmerich briefly coached the Cudahy High School boys Varsity Soccer team. He also served on the HOF committee.

Emmerich is currently enjoying his retirement from both work and soccer, and spends his time hunting, fishing, and having fun with his grand kids.
Tomislav (Toma) Tomasevic (b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Toma played with the Serbian SC of Milwaukee, winning several state championships. He served in the Military. He played in Germany, in the early sixties and in addition to his playing career, he managed the Serbians for many years. Toma and his brother Peter both starred for many years with the Serbian SC.
Ljubisa Vasilic (b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia), Player/Coach, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Lubo was a member of Serbian SC Milwaukee from 1970 till 1987, and he had been selected to Wisconsin All Star teams, many times. He coached some of the Wisconsin All Star teams and Serbian's major league team to three State Championships (1984, 1986, and 1987) and he has been a member of the State Select team coaching staff. He has served on several committees of the Wisconsin Soccer Association.
1994 - 12th Annual Banquet «
Arlyn Clarksen Administrator, WYSA & Spring City SC
Milan Djakovich (b. Milwaukee, Wisconsin), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Guenther Maurer, Player, Bavarian SC
Alex Toth (deceased), Coach, Hungarian Tigers
Tom Vicini (deceased), Overall, Verdi SC
Domenico Zizzo, Player/Referee, Verdi SC & WSA Referee Unit

Dom loves the game of soccer and was top level and collegiate referee for over 40 years. He currently has a referee emeritus status. He is also currently on the HOF committee.

He received the Meritorious HOF award in 1988.
Viktor Zorc, Player, Croatian Eagles

1993 - 11th Annual Banquet «
C. Bryan Dandy, Referee/Administrator, WSA Referee Unit
Laura Moynihan (deceased), Coach, Milwaukee Kickers
Dan Nelson, Overall, WSA
Zdravko Novak, Player, Croatian Eagles

Stan Schmidt, Player, Polonia SC

Stan was captain of the 1969 Major championship team.
Dieter Schwartz (b. Germany), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Walter Ziaja, Player, Bavarian SC

Wally played in for the 1972 United States Olympics team.

He continues to be active in soccer refereeing games for both youth and adults

1992 - 10th Annual Banquet «
Bruno Burkle, Player/Coach, Bavarian SC
Dusan Gajevic (b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia, deceased), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Ron Holzhueter, Coach, Madison 56ers
Ivo Lusic (b.Yugoslavia, deceased), Player/Coach, Serbian SC Milwaukee
Erich Polack (b. 1906, d. 1983), Player, Deutscher SC, 1992

Erich Polack was born in 1906 in Lipzig, Germany. He played soccer in Germany, before coming to Wisconsin in 1929.

Erich joined Deutschen Sport Club in 1930 and played for them through 1934. In 1934, he received recognition from the DSC for being a player with honor, dedication, and devotion in the pursuit of soccer.

Erich later joined Vienna S.C. and played with them from 1935-1936.

He continued to play until the late 40's. His play as midfielder made him one of the best. His ability to move the ball, both on offense and defense, helped to control the game, which lead to many championships during his career, including three Challenger Cups and three WI State Soccer Championship.

In 1951, he was selected to coach a Mid-West Allstar team against a team from Frankfurt, Germany, at Marquette Stadium-Milwaukee on May 10, 1951.

Erich past away on March 10, 1983.

Stanley Stadler, Sr., Player/Coach, Polonia SC
Ted Wedemeyer, Jr. (d. 2008), Administrator, Milwaukee Kickers & WSA

We are saddened to inform you of the passing of the honorable Judge Ted E. Wedemeyer, Jr on July 23, 2008.

Richard Williams (b. 1935, USA), Overall, WSA

Richard participated in most high schools sports: football, baseball, track and basketball. He served in the US Army from 1953-56 with service in for 18 months. Richard worked for the Milwaukee school system as a social studies teacher for 30 years. In 1989, he was asked by a group of young men to start a soccer club and be their advisor. This encounter led to a journey that has lasted close to 40 years. He has been a coach, player, referee and administrator at the local, state, regional and national levels. He has now retired into a full time volunteer position with the Wisconsin Adult Soccer Association. In 1984 he was named the Wisconsin Soccer Coach of the Year by the coaches association and was again honored as such in 1991. He received the meritorious Service Award from the Wisconsin Soccer Association in 1987, and was inducted into the 1992 Wisconsin Hall of Fame. In 2000 he received the State of Wisconsin Certificate of Commendation for helping establish the first public high school soccer league in the state. In 2001, Milwaukee Public Schools instituted the Schissler/Williams Invitational Soccer Tournament to honor John Schissler and Richard Williams for contributions to the Milwaukee Public School soccer programs where the goal is to provide needed exposure to inner-city soccer programs and to inspire the student player to aspire to higher educational levels. Richard serves on the USASA Hall of Fame Committee.

Richard is a USASA HOF Member, class of 2006.

1991 - 9th Annual Banquet «
Guenther Behre, Player/Coach, Bavarian SC

Guenther Behre came to the United States in June of 1953 to the Town of Milton Junction, WI. Guenther started playing soccer for the Racine Soccer Club major team in the Fall of 1953. The Bavarian Soccer Club also showed some interest in Guenther and they came to Milton, WI to convince him to play for the Bavarians. Guenther decided to join the Bavarians in the Fall of 1954 and has been a member ever since. In 1956, after a game at the Bavarian Inn, he was asked what he did for a living, and when he replied I am a compositor, he was offered a job interview at the Milwaukee Journal. He retired from the Journal in 1995.

Guenther started playing club soccer at the age of 14 years for SV Goettingen, Germany and came to the US at the age of 18.

With the Bavarian Majors as player and several years as player/coach and seven consecutive State League Championships (1960-1966). During that time Guenther also changed the Majors from playing the WM system to the 2 forwards as points (Al Hospel and Richard Schweinert) and the defense to a stopper (Gunther Delflieze) and a sweeper (Bob Gansler) system. That change turned out to be very successful for the Bavarians. The Major team also participated in the Midwest League on Saturdays in the '60's, being sponsored by Pabst, as the Pabst Blue Ribbon Bavarians.

With the Bavarian Majors, Guenther got the opportunity to play against several Bundesliga and amateur teams from Germany during the 50's-70's.

Guenther enjoyed 17 years as a Major team player and in 1970 his soccer career with the Majors ended when he dislocated his right knee. He played a few years later with the old timers and participated in games in Germany, Switzerland and Brazil. And for the oldtimers, the trip to Brazil and winning 4:2 against Sao Paulo in the Morumbi Stadium, was the highlight.

Guenther served as vice president for Toni Kreidl, Hans Bisswurm and Al Hospel and as president from 1988-1998. He was inducted into the Wisconsin Soccer Hall of Fame in 1991.

He currently is in charge of Buildings and Grounds for the United German Societies and the Bavarian Sports Center.

It takes a lot of dedicated members to run our soccer club and Guenther made many, many friends over the years. To name them all would not be possible, but it starts with "A" and ends with "Z" or from "Apitz" to "Zaiss".

He is very pleased when he sees all the kids and coaches, that keep up the passion and the tradition of soccer, enjoying the game of soccer.

Mario Carini, Player, Verdi SC
Frank Geibl, Player/Coach, Milwaukee Sport Club

Ivo Jugovic, Player/Coach, Croatian Eagles

Jerry Panek (b. Poland), Player/Coach, Polonia SC

Ivan Pavlovic (b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia), Referee, Serbian SC Milwaukee
Willi Wessels, Player/Coach, Bavarian SC, 1991

Willi was born in 1937 in Germany and started his soccer career with the SV Rotthausen 1912 Youth Soccer program. He immigrated to the USA in 1957 and settled in Milwaukee, Wl where he joined the Bavarian Soccer Club's Major Division. During his 50 plus years of dedicated service to the Bavarian Soccer Club he spent 17 years with the Major Division as a player and 23 years coaching, both Major Division and Youth teams.

Willis's Soccer Highlights include the following:
  • He led the Bavarian S.C. to 7 consecutive Wisconsin State Championships from 1960 to 1966.
  • He was selected to numerous State All-Star teams and was named State League MVP in the 1960's
  • He played numerous International games against professional Bundesliga Clubs such as.... MSV Duisburg, VFB Stuttgart, Bayern Muenchen, Werder Bremen, IFC Saarbruecken, HSV Hamburg and Borrussia Dortmund.
  • He made 10 Soccer trips as player and/or Coach to Germany, Switzerland, Brazil, Canada and Mexico
  • Coached the Bavarian Majors for eight years, winning four State titles
  • Coached the Bavarian U-14 to U19 for nine years winning numerous titles including Region II. And qualifying for the National Final Four in 1977 in Houston TX.
  • He also coached the Whitefish Bay High School Blue Dukes for eight years, winning 3 State and 5 Conference titles in the 1980's. He was also elected Coach of the Year in the 1980's.
Willi was more than just an outstanding and highly respected soccer coach, he was a teacher and a mentor to many of his youth players who came from all walks of life. He taught them the basics of the game, the respect they needed for each other; for the opponent; for the coaches; and for all officials. He constantly reminded them of the importance of camaraderie which was the core ingredient of a successful team. Many of his players went on to play in the Wisconsin Major Division; some went on to the North American Soccer League (NASL), the Milwaukee Wave and other Indoor and Outdoor Professional Soccer Teams. A few made it to the USA Olympic team and some even to the U.S. National team and the 1990 U.S. World Cup team.

Willi is proud of his 50 year dedication to the Bavarian Soccer Club; his Honorary Membership of the Bavarian SC since 1971; his wife's membership since 1971; and his daughter Rita's dedication as President of Bavarian Soccer Club for eight years .

Camaraderie played a very big part in Willi's life, and his fellow players, members and friends who witnessed it after ever game at the Bavarian Inn. Many of his former team-mates embraced it and incorporated it into their own lives. This is a lesson learned that will never be forgotten.

Willi and his wife Gerda currently live in Mequon Wl.

1990 - 8th Annual Banquet «
Steve Botic (deceased), Player, Falk
Lew Dray, Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee
Jim Gondi (deceased), Player, Falk & Hungarian Tigers
Joe Orr (deceased), Player, Milwaukee Brewers SC
Graham Perrett (deceased), Overall, WSA & Blackhawks
Otto Schulze (deceased), Player, Bavarian SC
Richard Schweinert, Player, Bavarian SC

Petar (Pete) Tomasevic (b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee
1989 - 7th Annual Banquet «

1989 Hall Of Fame Banquet photos

John Adema, Player/Coach, Fox Valley Bombers
Elmer Ehlers (1927-2001), Administrator, WSA & USSF

Elmer Ehlers was a longtime youth soccer administrator. He became involved with soccer when his four sons (Michael, Peter, Steven and Timothy) started playing for the Milwaukee Kickers in 1970. Ehlers then became the team's general manager. He later served 10 years as Region II director on US Youth Soccer's board of directors (1984-94). This was a period of great growth for youth soccer and membership increased by more than one million players.

Ehlers contributed to expanding the US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (US Youth Soccer ODP) to individual age groups instead of two year age groups. Many more players were exposed to the highest level because of this improvement. Also on the national stage, Ehlers remained involved in the US Youth Soccer National Championship Series after he retired as regional director. He contributed to the US Youth Soccer Region II Championships in whatever capacity was needed year after year. Because of his contributions to US Youth Soccer, the Under-14 Girls US Youth Soccer National Championship Cup was named the Elmer Ehlers Cup in his honor in 2002. Ehlers is a lifetime member of the U.S. Soccer Federation. Ehlers served as a commissioner with Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association, and he is a member of the Wisconsin Soccer Hall of Fame.

He always made sure that the recreational players received as much attention as the US Youth Soccer ODP and elite players.

Ehlers passed away in May 2001.
Klaus Feller (deceased), Overall, Madison 56ers
Karl Krehl (deceased), Player, Bavarian SC
Hermann Rostek (deceased), Administrator, WSA Referee Unit
Aldo Santaga, Player/Coach, Croatian Eagles

Louis Stark (deceased), Player, Hungarian SC

Horst Stemke, Player/Coach, Green Bay Kickers

Horst played in for the 1972 United States Olympics team.
Gebhard Windbiel, Player/Coach, Bavarian SC
1988 - 6th Annual Banquet «
Tony Ansems (b. Holland), Overall, Paper Valley SC

Tony Ansems was a founder of the Paper Valley Soccer Club, which covers the Fox Valley. Born in Holland, he began his US career at St. Norbert High School in De Pere. He has served both the WSA and Northern Region in virtually every capacity from player to president. Ansems has coached several college and high school teams including the Lawrence University women.

He currently is chairman of the WSA Hall of Fame committee.
Tonny Franjic (b. Croatia, deceased), Player, Croatian Eagles

Tonny Franjic played and coached with the Croatian Eagles team 1959-'74 and later became a referee. A native Croatian. he was also president of the Eagles.
Al Hospel (b. Germany), Player, Bavarian SC

AI Hospel played on the Bavarian SC teams that won seven straight state titles. Hospel, born in Germany, coached all age-group teams and is a past president of his club and still plays with the old-timers. He has been a referee since 1981.

Peter Litjens (1940-1995, Holland), Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

Born in Veldon Holland on January 24, 1940. Peter immigrated to America with his family in 1957. He played soccer with the Milwaukee Sport Club from 1960-1968, making several WSA all-star teams. In addition to the Milwaukee Sport Club, he also played for the Fox Valley Bombers and Serbian SC Milwaukee. He played left wing.

He has coached from UI0 to UI6 teams. He also began to coach soccer for the Oshkosh Youth Soccer Club. And in 1986 became the coach for Oshkosh West High School's first girl's soccer team. He coached there for 9 years, and in 1991 led the team to its first state berth.

He was harder on himself than anybody. Peter was recognized for his hammering left foot as a player and his devotion and time put into coaching.

Alex Nikolic (b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia), Overall, Milwaukee Kickers

Alex Nikolic, who holds the top A license, was a founder and the first president of the Milwaukee Kickers. A native of Yugoslavia, he came to Wisconsin in 1954 and played for both the Milwaukee and Wisconsin Serbians until he helped form the Kickers in 1968. He has coached at all age levels including Marshall High School.
Charley Papp (1932-1988), Player, Hugarian Tigers

Charlie Papp played with the Hungarian Tigers SC from the age of 8 through 1960. making many state all-star squads. In 1951, he played on the Midwest All-Stars who played against Frankfurt. After holding most all administrative positions with the Tigers, he helped form Verdi SC and the first Serbian team in Wisconsin.
Wisconsin Hall Of Fame John Stier 1988 John Stier (deceased), Player, FC Walker

John Stier played with the FC Walker All-Stars in the 30s, Falk in the 40s and was one of the nation's leading scorers with national-champion Simpkins Mission in Chicago before retiring in 1951
Mike Wuertz, Overall, WSA Referee Unit
1987 - 5th Annual Banquet «

1987 Hall Of Fame Banquet photos

John Bocwinski (b. Argentina), Player, Polonia SC

In February of 1953 arrived with family to Kenosha, Wisconsin from Argentina. From 1953 to 1955 played for Polonia and Syrena Soccer Clubs in Hammond, Indiana. In 1955 joined Polonia Soccer Club in Milwaukee, WI. In 1959 got drafted to the U.S. Army and was sent to Germany. After several tryouts made he became Captain of the U.S. Armed Forces Special Services Member Selected Team. John participated in CISM (Council of International Sport Military) competition. He competed in Stuttgart, Germany and Athens, Greece. From 1961 to 1963 played for Chicago Eagles soccer team and reached finals of the U.S. Open Cup. In 1963, rejoined the Polonia S.C. in Milwaukee. He was selected 10 consecutive years to the Wisconsin Soccer Association All Star team. In 1970 was part of the Olympics try-outs and joined the United States Olympic Soccer Team. John also participated in the 1971 Pan-American Games in Cali, Colombia as well as in the 1972 Munich Olympics, where he started and participated in two games. In Kingston, Jamaica against El Salvador, John scored on Penalty Shoot out. In total, has 13 caps for the U.S.A. Besides being a passionate player, John ejoyed his time coaching. He received the United States Soccer Federation “B” License Class Certification in 1974. From 1983 to 1985 was head soccer coach for Carthage College in Kenosha, WI. and reached NCAA division III second place in 1983; when he received Carthage College coach of the year.

John is a USASA HOF Member, Class of 2007
Pete Bostenescu, Player/Coach, Milwaukee Sport Club

Jovan (Joca) Bratkovich (b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia, deceased), Overall, Serbian SC Milwaukee
Robert Gansler (b. 1941, Hungary), Player/Coach, US Soccer & Bavarian SC

Bob currently lives in Brookfield, Wisconsin.

Bob Gansler was head coach of the U.S. Men’s National Team which qualified the for the 1990 World Cup. A premier player in the 1960’s, he appeared 25 times for the U.S. National Team, participating in the 1968-69 World Cup team trying to qualify for the 1970 World Cup games. He captained the 1964 and 1968 Olympic Teams as well as the 1967 Pan American team. In 2000, he received the Walt Chyzowych Award for achievement and dedication to the growth of soccer. In the North American Soccer League, he played every minute of every game in a 32 game season. He won 12 state championships with the Wisconsin State Amateur League from 1960-1976. He was selected as the 2000 MLS Coach of the Year while coaching the K.C. Wizards. He served as head coach for the Milwaukee Rampage of the United Soccer Leagues from 1996-1998, leading his team to the A-League Championship in 1997 and served as head coach at the University of Wisconsin / Milwaukee (1984-1988), and as the coach of the U.S. Under-20 National Team (1987-1989) and the Under-19 National Team (1979-1982) and Marquette High School before that.

Bob has a USSF “A” License in Coaching. He has been a national instructor for the USSF and the National Soccer Coaches Association since 1975. In 1994 he was named a FIFA Instructor.

Bob is a USASA HOF Member, Class of 2006

Julius Horvath (deceased), Player, Croatian Eagles

Fred Kezele (deceased), Player, Croatian Eagles
Cornelius Noordover, Player/Referee, Sheboygan SC
Ade Van Geffen (deceased), Coach/Referee, WSA & Paper Valley SC
Moritz Zimmermann (deceased), Administrator, Racine SC

1986 - 4th Annual Banquet «

1986 Hall Of Fame Banquet photos

Gene Edwards (1917-2000, USA), Overall, WSA & USSF & Falk

Gene played for the Swedish American team in Chicago and for the Milwaukee Sport Club, winning Wisconsin championships in 1953 and 1955. He was President of the Wisconsin Soccer Association from 1959-69 and moved to serve as the vice-president of the USSF from 1969-74, when Gene assumed the presidency of the USSF in 1974. He served FIFA and worked to bring Olympic Games to the Soviet Union and to Seoul, Korea. He served as a member of the Executive Committee of the US Olympic Committee and the Los Angeles Olympic Organizing Board in 1984. The success of the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games laid the ground work for future World Cup bids. In 1982 FIFA had rejected the USSF bid to host the 1986 World Cup. When the USSF had its office in New York and couldn’t meet its payroll, Gene went to the bank and took out a mortgage on his home to keep them open. In 1984, Gene lost the presidency of the USSF and served as Vice President to CONCACAF and Past President of the USSF. He worked to bring the World Cup to the United States, and the dream that had eluded the USASA in 1982 was finally realized in 1988 when FIFA awarded the World Cup for 1994.

Gene is a USASA HOF Member, Class of 2006

Ferdinand Goetze (1906-1993, Germany), Player, Deutscher SC & Wackers & Bavarian SC

Ferdinand Kurt Goetze was born in Muhlhauseh i. Thuring , Germany, in 1906. At the age of eighteen, he immigrated to America, eventually settling in Milwaukee where he met and married Mary Lewein and where he played soccer for nineteen years. Ferdinand, "Fritz," first played for the Deutscher Sport Club in 1926, and then later played for the Eagles, the Wackers, and the Bavarians. In a tournament held in Sheboygan in 1928, Fritz scored six goals and was named the tournament's most valuable player. From 1948 through 1968 he served on the Grievance Board of the Wisconsin Soccer Association.In 1986 Ferdinand Goetze was inducted into the Wisconsin Soccer Hall of Fame.

Ferdinand Goetze passed away on December 10,1993. He is survived by his wife, Mary Goetze; his son Gregg and daughter-in-law Irene; his daughter Linda and husand Barry Braender; four grandchildren, and two great-grandchildren.

Photo circa 1933, age 27
Walter Habel, Sr. (deceased), Player, Bavarian SC
John Joachimczyk (deceased), Referee, Polonia SC
Mirko (Mike) Kabanica (1925-1997, Yugoslavia, State Serbia), Overall, WSA & Serbian SC Milwaukee

Mike Kabanica was an outstanding player and served as the Wisconsin Soccer Association State Coach, coaching all-star teams in the 1960’s. He coached Serbian SC Milwaukee to the state championship in 1953 and 1954. As an administrator he served as the Wisconsin Games Commissioner and was elected the Wisconsin State President in 1972, serving in the position until his death in 1997. Mike expanded leagues for adult and youth programs as well as coaching programs. He served as a State Association Board Member from 1972-1997 and as a member of the USSF Appeals Committee. The Midwest Region Tournament of Champion Men’s Trophy was named after Mike for his work in Region II, until Wisconsin retired the trophy after three championships. Inducted into the Wisconsin Soccer Association Hall of Fame in 1986, he was also inducted into the United States Soccer Hall of Fame in 1997 for his contributions to the growth and development of soccer. Mike served as the Wisconsin State Association President for 25 years, working continually to improve and expand the growth of the game in Wisconsin.

Mike is a USASA HOF Member, Class of 2006
Henry Koller (deceased), Player, Milwaukee Brewers SC
William Reddan, Player/Coach, Madison 56ers
John Reega (deceased), Player, Falk & Hungarian Tigers
Frank Trimmel (deceased), Player, Bavarian SC
Henry Wawrzyniak (b. Poland, deceased), Administrator, WSA & Polonia SC
1985 - 3rd Annual Banquet «

1985 Hall Of Fame Banquet photos

Peter Becker (deceased), Player, Milwaukee Sport Club

Geza Behringer (b. Hungary, deceased), Referee, Hungarian Tigers
Leo Gabrich (deceased), Overall, WSA
George Panich (deceased), Player, Falk & Croatian Eagles

Louis DeLa Pasqua (deceased), Administrator, WSA
John Petek (deceased), Player/Referee, Falk & Croatian Eagles
Joe Poeschl (deceased), Overall, Bavarian SC
Paul Rechnitzer (deceased), Overall, Serbian SC Milwaukee
Steve Reega (deceased), Player/Administrator, Falk & Hungarian Tigers
1984 - 2nd Annual Banquet «
Walter Karsten Baade (deceased), Player, Milwaukee Brewers SC

George Bauer (deceased), Player, Bavarian SC
Stan Kezele (deceased), Player, Croatian Eagles
Frank Markus (deceased), Overall, WSA & Hungarian Tigers

Peter Murphy (deceased), Administrator, WSA

Milos Rankovic (b. Yugoslavia, State Serbia, deceased), Player, Serbian SC Milwaukee

Bill Reega (deceased), Player, Falk & Hungarian Tigers
Frank Scheerenberger (deceased), Player, Milwaukee Brewers SC

John Zussman (deceased), Administrator, WSA
1977 - 1st Banquet «
Norman Blaeske (deceased), Player, Falk & Milwaukee Brewers SC

Albert Fuellengraben (deceased), Player, Vienna SC
John Hartenberger (deceased), Player, Bavarian SC
Henry Karcher, Sr. (1901-1968), Player, Vienna SC

Henry Karcher Sr. was born in Ludwigshafen (a southern city in Germany known for its chemical industry) in 1901 and died in 1968. He played center forward position. From 1924-25 he played with Ludwigshafen. He was offered a job to stay in Germany and play with them, but instead he came to the United States in 1925.

He played soccer for 2 years in Chicago, and was enticed to play in Milwaukee for Sportverein from 1927-1930.

Henry was chosen to play soccer for the American team nation wide against the best teams Germany had. The team won 4 out of 7 games. According to all write-ups by German papers, they were impressed with his ball handling saying it was the best they had ever seen.

From 1931 to 1938, he played with the Vienna Sport Club. In 1931 he was chosen among the All-Stars to play against Chile. This game was played at Borchett Field. Chile won 5-1. The only score was made by Henry Karcher.

Henry played on every Wisconsin All-Star team from 1930-1938. Wisconsin All-Stars in the Midwest division beat out St. Louis to advance and play Pennsylvania in the National Playoffs.

In 1938-1939 he coached and played with Lakeshore Oils and won the State Title.

He averaged 2 goals per game in his lifetime and retired in 1940.

He was known to be one of the best center-forwards Wisconsin has ever had.

After he retired, Henry refereed league games and cup games. He refereed the National Open Cup Final in Chicago in April 19, 1953.
Charles Kezele Charles Kezele (b. 1913, d. 2003), Player/Coach, Croatian Eagles
Hannes Kondziela (deceased), Player, Deutscher SC

Joseph Moosmueller (deceased), Overall, WSA

Erich W. Mueller (deceased), Player, Vienna SC
Walter Schroeder Walter Schroeder (deceased), Player, Vienna SC

Walter played for the Vienna SC and later for the professional team, Chicago Maroon with games at Wrigley field during 1946-1948.

George Weiler
George Weiler, Sr. (deceased), Player, WSA & Hungarian Tigers

George was the drving force of the Milwaukee Hungarian Athletic Club and which won City championships in 1928 and 1932 that are know of. He later became president of the Wisconsin Soccer Association during 1937 through 1947.

George was the organizer and leader of the Hungarian societies in Milwaukee. In 1934, he received a Distinguish Service Medal from the Hungarian consul at the Republican Hotel, Chicago, IL on November 27th.

George was a designer of women's fashions. He cam to the United States in 1909. He was known as an inventor of the Weiler cutting system, the four way sprinkling system, the steam brush, a gumtape machine and several other devices in general use in his profession. In 1934, his latest invention was a built in wall range.

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