WASA Team and Player Electronic Registration Procedures

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WASA Team and Player Electronic Registration Procedures - Word

The Wisconsin Adult Soccer Association is going digital. We have just implemented a digital player pass printer and database system that should speed up player registration for all teams. In order to accelerate the registration process, we need the assistance of all team managers. Please follow the detailed instructions and contact the WASA office with any questions.

If you are the team manager, you must fill out a Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet form called player_roster.xls and email the completed form to the WASA offices at jmerz@wisoccer.org.

Team managers are also responsible for submitting digital photographs of each individual player on their team. Digital photos are required for any new player. Returning players with a 2003-04 season, laminated pass may update the old pass for the 2004-05 Summer season. The WASA offices will place a sticker on the laminated pass to validate it for the new season.

Instructions for completing the team roster spreadsheet:

  1. Open the player_roster.xls file using Microsoft Excel.
  2. Enter team information on top:
    Division - U23 Men / U23 Women / Men's Majors / Women Premier
    Team Name - enter your team name
  3. Enter the information for each player in the rows as follows:
    ID # - skip
    Type - skip
    Last Name - Enter last name
    First Name - Enter first name
    Birth Date - Use the mm/dd/yyyy format
    Country of Birth - United States
    Citizenship - United States
    Date Registered - skip
    Jersey Number - skip
    Int'l Clear Date - skip
    Prof. Player Status - Enter Yes if professional
    Player Address - Enter the player address
    City - Enter player city
    St - Enter the player state
    ZIP - Enter the player ZIP
    ZIP Four Digits - Skip
    Phone Home - Enter complete number starting with area code
    Email Address - enter email address
  4. Save file as teamname.xls and email it to the WASA office at For example your team roster file could be called MilwKickersU23.xls.

Instructions for digital player photos:

  1. Player photos should be saved using the following method: Lastname_Firstname.jpg For example: John Smith Would be: Smith_John.jpg
  2. Digital photos must be of one individual and cropped to show head and shoulders only at 1" wide by 1 ¼" high. (Look at a driver's license or passport picture for a size reference.) All digital photos should be low resolution with a maximum file size of 15 k each.
  3. If you are providing an entire team's worth of digital photos, please send the digital pictures to the WASA offices on CD or floppy disk. If you are sending two or three player pictures you may attach them to an email and send them to jmerz@wisoccer.org.

Additional information:

The WASA office staff will import your team roster file into our database and match the digital player photo with the player's name and personal information. A hard plastic card, resembling a credit card, will be printed with the player's name, birth date, ID number and photograph. These cards will replace all laminated passes over the next two years.

We recommend that team mangers keep a copy of all digital player pictures and the team roster form on their personal computers. If anything happens to the files or disks we will rely on you, the team manager, to re-supply the WASA with the team's information.

Please note that all players still must complete the paper form called Amateur Player Registration Form and sign the waiver at the bottom. Team managers will use these forms to create the team roster file and then mail or turn in the paper registration forms to the WASA office along with the digital team roster file and player photos.

Please contact the WASA office with any questions regarding electronic player registration. We look forward to a faster player registration for all teams this year. Thank you for your patience and cooperation with this new policy.

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