2007 Wisconsin National Open and National Amateur Cup Competitions

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The following are the teams playing the US National Cup:

Men Over 30 - Bavarian (No state contest)
Women's Major - FC Milwaukee (No state contest)
U23 Men - FC Magic (Home field) vs FC Milwaukee
U23 Women - Bavarian (Home field) vs. FC Milwaukee
Men's Majors - Milwaukee Kickers (Home field) vs Croation Eagles

Games must be played by May 20, 2007 to declare a winner!


April 27, 2007

The next U.S. Open Cup Region II game for Bavarians is: May 12, 2007...tenatively 2:00 p.m. Tom has given the other team a choice of driving in on Friday and staying over or driving in the morning! Tom Zaiss is waiting for a response! We will update you when we know.

Click on the MapQuest graphic for a map to the Bavarian Soccer Club:

Their location is 700 West Lexington Boulevard
Glendale, WI 53217
(414) 964- 0300

April 21, 2007

Congratulations to the Bavarian SC for winning the US Open Game against Indiana 4 to 0 in Indiana.

November 3, 2007

Bavarian SC win over Milwaukee Kickers to represent Wisconsin in Spring in the US Open Cup.

Additional information

This is to invite you to participate in the 2007, Wisconsin leg of the Regional and National Cup competitions. The following are items that need to be met by all teams and our State Association for our teams to participate in games at the State, Regional and National level of the cup competitions.

  1. The fees for the National Open Cup are $250.00 for the men's and women's Competition. (The men's competition was played in the fall of2006. The Bavarian S.C. was the winner and will represent the state in interstate competition).
  2. All other cup fees are $200.00. These include National Amateur, Over-30, and U-23. These fees are for both men's and women's teams. All fees must be submitted with the Cup Entry Form.
  3. The deadline for entry into the Women's Open, the Men's and Women's Amateur, the Men's and Women's Over -30 and the Men's and Women's U-23 Cups is Tuesday, March 20th• (Don't forget all Entry Forms must be accompanied by the entry Fee of $200.00). No games will be played until all entry fees and forms are received by the Region Cup Commissioner.
  4. The State winners must be decided by May 25th for all Cups
  5. The State Winner's roster is due in to the Regional Cup Commissioner by May 30th.
  6. . The Regional Finals will be held in St. Joseph, Michigan, June 15 to 17, 2007.
  7. National deadline for Regional winners is July 10, 2007.
  8. National rosters are due in to the USASA Offices by 11:00 p.m. EDT on July 18, 2007.
  9. The National Finals are in Seattle, Washington August 3 to 5, 2007.

A game schedule will be made as quickly as possible following the Entry Deadline. Referees will be informed and we will get competitions started as soon as we can. The entry form is included as well as some materials from Region II National Cup Commissioner, Debra Trapikas. Good Luck to all the teams and let's have a good series of games.

Richard Williams - W ASA President - State Cups Commissioner National Cups


  1. If a player (or team) plays in more than one division, the player (or team) must haves player pass for each division participating in. I cannot stress this enough! If your teams show up with only one player pass and they are playing in more than one division, they win have to make a choice which division they will play. They will be eliminated from the others.
  2. Upon a state cup commissioner being named in your state, the president of that state should immediately appoint no less than two people (and the state cup commissioner) to a· panel to hear and make decisions on playing rules,' protests, etc. The panel should not be the state executive board, but a panel of people selected for the exclusive purpose of the national cups. See approved regional policies from 2005. Each president is requested to send me the names of panel members within the next month.
  3. All rules, need to know information, and dates, etc. can be found on the regional website at www.socceimidwest.us under Cups Competition/National Cups or Downloads.


We will do the draw the same as we did last year. It was fun and every team that wanted to be a part of the draw had that opportunity thanks to the advances of modem technology. More information on this will be sent out via the websites as we get closer to the date.


Exciting news is that the Whirlpool Corporation has decided to be a major sponsor of the 2006 regionals. We are working with several banks and other businesses to get additional funding. It is my personal hope that we will have enough money to buy walkie-talkies for our region, as well as a few other items our region could use in all our competitions, We will have a player beach party on Friday night for all players at Silver Beach on the shores of Lake Michigan. We will have food, music and beach soccer. Bus transportation will be provided from hotels to the beach and back. The referee Pat Smith Award banquet is planned for Saturday evening. Again, transportation will be provided from the host hotel to the St. Joe Kickers Club. More information will be provided on the website as we get closer to the event. Perhaps one of the most exciting things to happen is the “PRE- TOURNAMENT” event which is a free clinic to women players. We are starting a women's soccer league in southwest Michigan. Three days before the tournament we are offering a free 3-day clinic The Chicago Fire “A” team coaching staff and some of the players will be here to do the clinic for free!

Additional information from Debra Trapikas, Region II Cup Commissioner


This year, we made the video primarily for the U23 group. I will be attending the National Soccer Coaches Association Meeting in January and will be distributing those videos to coaches from our region, as well as a brochure specifically dealing with our women’s programs. The brochure will also be sent out to all women's leagues in our region. If anyone has any suggestions as to what more could be done for this - please talk to me after this meeting. I will also be preparing a brochure for the U-23 program. These will also be distributed to leagues within the region.


Only one new rule has been implemented for the 2006-2007 year: A team in any division (except Men's Open and Men's Amateur) is excluded from the rule of playing in a league of four teams if that team resides outside of an 80 mile radius from the nearest league. The U-23 and Women 0-30 teams are exempt from that rule altogether.


U23 players can play only if they were born on or after August 1, 1983

Referee fees for Men's Open Cup interstate games ($145+$40+$40+$25= $250) to be paid by the home team to the center referee BEFORE the start of the game. Cash only. Fees include travel for the center referee whom shall be from a neutral state.

A couple of exciting things are happening at regionals this year. You might want to pass this on to your teams:

1. I have contacted every single college and university coach and scouts in region II and invited them to our regional competition. I have received several affirmative answers. They want to come! This is good news, especially for the U23 teams. In addition, I will be writing letters to MLS, NPSL and other entities to invite them as well.

2. We have several events planned in June at the Midwest Regional Competition.

Your players will enjoy them, I promise. More details to come. Thanks again and please send me your listings.

Debra Trapikas
Region II Cup Commisioner

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