Proposed USASA Adult Coaching Certificate

The following programs are proposed by the USASA and are being adopted by the WASA.

Coaching Programs:

The USASA offers two coaching education programs approved by US Soccer that are designed for the adult player. They are: The USASA Adult Coaching License and Adult Coaching Certificate. These are the US Soccer certified courses that offer training to the adult soccer membership.

USASA Adult Coaching License

Level I (Day 1): Consists of a classroom only presentation of coaching methods, team administration, care and prevention of injuries and the spirit of the laws. This is a great course for all those team administrators that just can't seem to get organized as well as any coach dealing with adult players. This course assists National State Associations in tailoring the course to help educate their membership in required administrative functions.

Level II (Day 2): Combines the classroom and field training in presenting methods of coaching, tactics, theory, game analysis, technical training and tactical training. This portion of the course not only helps the new coach, or someone just making those substitutions, but also is recommended for coaches making the transition from working with youth to adult players.

Level III (Day 3): This course presents a continuation of the methods of coaching, tactics theory and technical training but also contains functional training, goalkeeping, practice coaching and a written final examination. We recommend any person coaching in the USASA to complete all three levels. With the successful completion of all three levels a coach may be eligible to take the National "C" course with the recommendation od their instructor.

USASA Adult Coaching Certificate

The Adult Coaching Certificate is specifically designed to elevate the level of coaching education within the USASA membership. It provides classroom and practical field coaching education. It is offered free of charge. It is offered free of charge. It is purely educational and involves no testing. It will better prepare attendees to take the Adult License and other US Soccer coaching Licenses.

USASA Adult Coaching License

Purpose and Philosophy: To train amateur coaches and team administrators in current coaching methodology, team administration and player preparation for all levels of Adult soccer. These coaching and team administration seminars will provide USASA coaches and team administrators the opportunity to discuss and be exposed to relevant topics targeted for their individual team and club needs. The courses may be hosted by the various National State Associations or the USASA. Instruction for this license can be provided by qualified licensed State, Regional, or USASA Staff Coaches selected by the National State Association or the USASA.

Level I (day 1) is a 3 hour course  
Methods of Coaching Soccer I 1 hr.
Team Management 1 hr.
Care & Prevention of Injuries .5 hr.
Spirit of the Laws .5 hr.
Level II (Day 2) is an 8 hour course  
Methods of Coaching Soccer II 1 hr.
Tactics Theory I 1 hr.
Reading the Game 1 hr.
Technical Training I 1.5 hr.
Tactical Training I 1.5 hr.
Practice Coaching 2 hrs.
Level III (Day 3) is a 9 hour course  
Tactics Theory II 1 hr.
Technical Training I 1 hr.
Tactical Training II 1 hr.
Functional Training-Goalkeeper 1 hr.
Written Exam 1 hr.
Practical Coaching Exam 4 hrs.

Note: Participants completing all three levels will receive US Adult Coaching Licensing through USSF. Completion of all three levels may serve as a waiver to the US Soccer National "C" License.

USASA Adult Coaching Certificate

Purpose and Philosophy: To elevate the level of coaching education within the USASA membership. To make available practical and minimum coaching education that will better prepare coaches to coach their teams, take the Adult Coaching License and other coaching licenses. This course is intended to be purely educational and requires no testing.

Methodology 1 hr
Technical Theory 45 min
System of Play 45 min


Note: Instructor shall choose one topic from The Technical session that will Compliment the Tactical Training session.

Technical Training (Instructor to Model 1hr. 15 min.
Tactical Training (Instructor to Model) 1hr. 15 min.

Note: Instructor shall choose one topic from the Tactical Training session that will compliment the Technical Training session.

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