2010 Men's U23 League

Team Registration:April 30, 2010
Game schedule published: May 7, 2010
Individual Player information to WASA: May 14, 2010
1st First Game: Weekend of June 5 & 6, 2010

U23 League offers

U23 Administrative Team

WASA Phone: 414-545-7227, ext. 5#

Position Name
WASA U23 Director Rick Rabiega, Rabiega4@yahoo.com
WASA Administrator Jerry Merz , jmerz@wisoccer.org
Referee Assignor Doug Haag, ddhenterprise@aol.com

U23 Team and Player Registration:

Coaches please encourage one player or parent from your team to act as the manager or contact person for a summer U23 team. The WASA will assist the team managers in finding additional players to complete a team roster. Both teams and individual players should contact the WASA office for more information about the U23 league. The forms can be found on our website.

The WASA will send team and player registration materials to all interested teams. Please respond via email to jmerz@wisoccer.com, phone 414-545-7227 extension 1# or mail in the team registration form from the WASA Website if you intend to register a U23 team for the summer season.

Adult and youth player registration forms are available at the office, via email or on our web site www.wisoccer.org. Team registration fees are $150 and a $210.00 bond which will be used to pay referees in they are not paid or their is a no show. Individual player registration fees are $38. Youth players are welcome to participate. Additional required team expenses will include referee payments, uniforms and field rental fees.

You can add or drop players at anytime.

All fees must be paid before 1st game or you forfeit the game possible all fees.

Referee Fees

This year, referee will be paid at the field.
$60.00 Center referee
$40.00 each Assistant referee

Each team is responsible for 50% of the fees.


Part 1 - Playing Season: Official season begins in June and runs through July at which time all players are released.

Part 2 - Player Eligibility: Each player must be at least 16 as of May 31. Players under eighteen, and/or current WYSA youth players must complete the appropriate WYSA Youth Player Application for Adult League Games and the Amateur Athletic Minor Waiver and Release of Liability. These forms must be presented prior to the first game. Players must not turn 23 prior to May 31 for U23. Three over-age waivers are allowed per team in the men's league, unlimited overage players in the women's league. Maximum roster is 24, maximum playing in any game, 24.

Part 3 - Team Registration: Each team must be registered on or before April 30, 2010. Each registration must include:

1. Payment of league fee to WASA
2. Team Registration Form - Go to the Forms tab for the latest forms.
3. See Registration button for addional information.

Part 4 - Player Registration: Each player must present a valid player pass to the referee prior to the start of each game. Player cards will be issued following payment of the required fees and complete application materials. It is the team's responsibility to keep and present the cards, and a penalty will be assessed for lost cards. A completed player roster must be presented at each game. Go to the Forms tab for the latest forms.

Part 5 - Referee Reports: Referee report blanks will be provided to each team. It is the team's responsibility to assure the referee report form is presented to the referee prior to each game. Game scores will be sent to the WASA office via e-mail within 24 hours of the game.

Part 6 - Schedule Changes:Only the WASA has the authority to reschedule any league games.

Part 7 - No Shows: A grace period of fifteen minutes will be allowed, after which time the game will be forfeited and the win given to the team in attendance by virtue of forfeit. A fine of $105 will be assessed to the team not at the game to pay 100% of the referee fees. You will be allowed two times before you are not part of the league anymore.

Part 8 - Home Team: The Home Team is responsible a safe field upon which to play (lined, nets and corner flags) and alternate uniforms as required by the referee.

Part 9 - Season Standings: The league winning team receive a WASA U23 Men's League trophy and has the option of traveling to the Tournament of Champions as Wisconsin's representative the following season. Points are awarded as follows:
Win = 3 points, Tie = 1 point, Loss = 0 points
Tie breaker decided by head-to-head, most wins, and least goals against, in this order.

Part 10 - Referee: The referee shall have the final authority regarding the safety of the game, weather, field conditions or other situations that lead to the postponement or suspension of the game. Should no referee appear at the field, call the State Referee Assignor. After a period of fifteen minutes, the two coaches may agree on a substitute referee. Should no substitute be acceptable, the game is cancelled and will be rescheduled by the WASA administrator.

Part 11 - Tournaments and Team Travel: Team must have WASA permission to travel out of state, must play only in USSF/WASA sanctioned tournaments against affiliated teams.

Part 12 - Fees and Penalties:
$110.00 for a complete no show. Allowed twice and then your team will not be allowed to play.
$55.00 if you fail to pay the referees. You will be allowed twice for this to happen and then your team will not be allowed to pay.

Part 13 - The Game: The game will be played according to FIFA rules except for unlimited substitution. All games to begin as noted by League Coordinator (Information Follows). Sunday games are reserved for games where one or both teams must travel over 45 minutes to the game site, at the discretion of the league and team. Men's games to be held Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons.

Part 14 - Penalties and Suspensions:
1. Two yellow cards in one game… 1 Game
2. Red Card… 2 Games
3. Challenging referee… 1 or More Games
4. Fighting… 3 or More Games
5. Referee Abuse… 4 Games Minimum
6. Referee Assault… Minimum 1 Year
7. Three Yellows in One Season… 1 Game
8. Other… to be Determined by WASA Any red card suspension will be served in the U23 league and not carry over to another league, except for any violent offense (hitting, attacking the referee, etc.), which will carry over to any other league in which the player may participate.

If you want information sent to you, please send you e-mail to jmerz@wisoccer.org.

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