2009 Women's Major League

Back again, starting this fall.

Team Registration: September 1, 2009
Individual Player Information to WASA: September 1, 2009
First Game: Wednesday, September 9, 2009
Day of Games: Wednesdays

For player and team registration forms, go to WASA Forms.

League will have a Fall and Spring schedule with 8 games each. If there is any interest, there will be indoor.

Costs WASA Women Soccer League
Team $150.00 for the year $1260.00 per session up to 4 sessions per year
Player $38.00 per player for year
($684.00 per year)
$50.00 for a new player
Referees $30.00 per game for referees
($480.00 total if played 16 games)
Referees included in the cost
Field Rental $21.00 per game per team Included
Total (For 16 games) $1650.00 $2520.00
Indoor Session $770 per team $1260.00 per team

Other benefits

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